Worried-Faced Kitten Has Crossed Continents To Join The Perfect Family

kitten look travels continents dreams family

Laila D’Souza, founder of the Winston Memorial Foundation in Kuwait, welcomed a small feline in a difficult situation last fall. The kitten, with an air of constant worry, was delivered to the rescue center when she was only four weeks old and in need of special care.

Immediately, Laila greeted him and began with the care necessary to move the little girl forward. The hairball was very grateful for all this help and affection, and got the name Mia, little by little she started to improve.

Laila told Love Meow:

They separated her from her mother and sold her to a family who was only one week old. She was really sick and plagued with worms and intestinal problems. I knew she would be fine as soon as she was in my arms, safe from abuse and neglect.

Worried looking kitten has the family of her dreams

kitten look travels continents dreams family

During her recovery, Mia quickly transformed into a rather energetic and mischievous little girl. Mia was delighted with Laila’s dog, named Leya, and enjoyed spending time with her; jump on her and play to get her attention.

Her small size didn’t seem like an obstacle and Mia was always looking for Leya to play, Leya’s friendship helped the kitten who explored everything with her new friend.

kitten look travels continents dreams family

Mia was a happy kitten and her energy was overflowing, she had a huge appetite and she completely immersed herself in the food bowl to satisfy her hunger. His antics all over the house filled everyone around him with joy.

kitten look travels continents dreams family

Mia has a rather curious worried look and every time she fixed her eyes on a target, she moved her hindquarters back and forth in order to launch a powerful leap.

Laila said:

She is very playful, affectionate and curious. He always has those big worried eyes when he tries to chase something, and he’s so cute.

kitten look travels continents dreams family

Mia took a 180 degree turn and was thriving in her foster home. She quickly became friends with another rescued kitten named Leo and they spent a lot of time together; They helped each other and learned everything together.

Days before Christmas arrived, Mia, Leo and five other cats rescued by the shelter set out on a trip to the United States to find a forever home.

The Washington DC Metropolitan Area Animal Rescue Groups in the United States, Petey and Furends and 4Paws Rescue Team, have decided to join and support these little ones to get a second chance and find their dream home.

kitten look travels continents dreams family

As soon as Mia landed, local volunteers and rescuers were waiting for her. The playful kitten enjoyed her first Christmas in the United States before arriving with the family of her dreams, where she immediately claimed the softest, fluffiest bed for herself.

After celebrating the New Year, Mia was officially adopted by the waiting family. In her new home, Mia has a feline companion for her adventures; the adorable kitten always receives the love of her house.

kitten look travels continents dreams family

Finally Laila added:

I am very happy for her and for the road traveled.

kitten look travels continents dreams family

You can learn a little more about Laila’s work with the Kuwait Rescues by visiting her Instagram account.

Images: Instagram/ rescueforwinston

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