A Kitten Who Needs Constant Companionship, Convinces The Cat From The Porch To Enter The House

kitten needs constant companionship convinces cat porch enter house

A caring person came across an orange kitten with white spots and decided to take it to the Firehouse Animal Health Center, in Leander, Texas. The little feline was very dirty and tangled, he was covered with fleas, he had mites in his ears and his belly was full of parasites.

Despite all his problems, the kitten named Garfield, turned out to be very affectionate towards his rescuers and meowed to attract everyone’s attention. Since Garfield needed a foster family, the rescue center contacted Megyn, from Kitten Konnoisseur, to take care of the cute kitten.

Megyn told Love Meow:

“She is now part of the breeding program of the Williamson County Regional Animal Shelter. This guy is just a bundle of love. He prefers to eat in company. All he wants is a hug.”

A kitten who needs company finds solace in a semi-wild cat

Garfield always wants to be accompanied, so he meows all over the house until someone pays attention to him and caresses him.

When she finally gets what she wants, she curls up on warm knees and stretches her paws so that she can hold the hands of her caregivers.

After spending a few days in his new home, Garfield noticed an orange tabby cat that was perched on the porch of the house. The kitten was very curious about who he was and apparently wanted to make friends with this feline at all costs.

On the other hand, the cat that appeared on the porch is called Pickles, he is semi-wild, since one day Megyn found him in poor health. They took care of him there until his health improved and gave him all the necessary attention so that he felt safe and stayed to live there.

Unfortunately, the cat did not tolerate being inside a house, so he decided to turn the porch and patio into his new home.

Megyn commented :

“Being inside makes him anxious. We are lucky to have a safe yard in which he can live.”

Although the door is always open for pickles, he really likes his life on the porch and in the garden, because he is free.

When Garfield fully recovered, he began to walk all over the house in search of hugs, and one day he came across pickles. The kitten tried to attract the attention of the cat from the porch and everything seems to indicate that Pickles liked the presence of his friend.

Megyn was surprised when she saw that Pickles had entered the house without any problems and was sharing the sofa with the little kitten.

Since that moment, Pickles enters the house more often and, wherever he lies down, Garfield can be seen curled up next to him. Over the course of several years, Pickles has grown closer to other kittens, but he has always kept his distance, so his change is amazing.

Megyn added :

“I think he likes Garfield because he is an affable guy who is happy to have a cuddly boyfriend. I am grateful that Pickles took Garfield under his wing.”

Garfield’s affectionate behavior may have convinced Pickles to accept it, and now he likes to accompany his new feline friend.

Pickles spends most of his time next to his little protégé, teaches him the art of idleness and they even share the bed to snuggle. Garfield likes to have a constant companion and tries to absorb all the love that Pickles and his caregivers give him.

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