Kitten Born Special Meets A Friend With The Same Abnormality – They Became Inseparable Partners

kitten special finds cuddle

A kitten was born with twisted legs and met another kitten. The couple then accepted each other and became partners who were hugging each other all the time.

The kitten, Lucy, was brought to The Odd Cat Sanctuary in Salem, Massachusetts. For the chance to have a better life

kitten special finds cuddle

Even though she’s 8 weeks old, she’s still very small.

kitten special finds cuddle

However, the cat was very confident and brave. She likes to sing. The noise was like an adult cat, said Tara Kay, founder of the center. “When she sees me, she will chirp for me to carry, and when I pick her up, she will persist and never stop. ” Tara Kay, founder of the shrine, told Love Meow.

From the very first day she came in, Lucy loved hugging and being carried around. If no one is free to carry her, she will meow until someone is interested. And she likes to scratch her belly

Despite being born with twisted legs, but this didn’t stop Lucy from exploring and taking a walk. But what she wants most is friendship and someone who can hug her all the time.

The following week, the center was given a special kitten to take care of, named Millie, a six-week-old kitten. With one leg unusually long and the other without feet.

kitten special finds cuddle

When Millie was rescued, she curled up in the arms of a helper and Purl like a storm. The center then brought her to meet Lucy, the cat who wanted a friend to hug.

The couple quickly got together and started playing together. They play and chase through the room. And when exhausted They will sleep on the same bed.

kitten special finds cuddle

Lucy is very happy to have friends and a few months later, their friendship is even more advanced. They encourage each other Without allowing disability to determine life.

kitten special finds cuddle
kitten special finds cuddle
kitten special finds cuddle

Tara says, “These two kittens amazed me. Millie’s suspension might not be perfect. But its upper body is very strong. It can climb wherever it wants to climb. “

Watch them in this cute video:

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