A Kitten With Special Needs Always Wears A Band-Aid On Her Head

Kitten special needs wears band-aid head

Otter and Bunny were rescued from the streets as babies in Northern California by a kind-hearted person who found them and gave them first aid. When she noticed differences between these feline siblings, she decided to contact Baby Kitten Rescue for help.

The lovely Otter is missing a few toes on its front paws, while Bunny is missing both of its top paws. Despite these limitations, both kittens are quite determined and move nimbly everywhere.

Caroline Grace, director of Baby Kitten Rescue, who took the little kittens under her wing, recalls that while working on their recovery, she also noticed other peculiar differences in Otter.

A kitten with special needs always wears a band-aid on her head

Kitten with special conditions is happy

Caroline told The Dodo:

When they arrived, they were in horrible condition: upper respiratory disease, fleas, filth and severe diarrhoea. As I focused on keeping them healthy (under the direction of our vet), I noticed that Otter’s head and face looked different than a typical kitten her age. He had a very large forehead and large bulging eyes. Otter also had what appeared to be an abscess on the top of his head. Antibiotics were prescribed for the “abscess” but it did not go away.

rescued kitten

Otter was taken to a neurologist to have his physical health assessed, where it was discovered that he had hydrocephalus and meningocele, as well as an exposed cranial abscess. You can have an MRI at six months of age to assess the damage to your health.

Otter will also be able to undergo surgery at the age of one to implant a plate over the opening in his skull. The volunteers, for their part, went to great lengths to protect the little kitten from harm.

Caroline adds:

That’s why Otter wears a band-aid. And that’s also why he wears a [helmet]: to protect his brain.

Kitten with a band-aid on his head 1

Since the kitten is in the care of the shelter, he wears a small band-aid on his head, which his keepers say makes him incredibly cute and adorable. The feline also received a small personalized helmet to protect his head when he plays and has fun like any other kitten his age.

Caroline said:

Otter’s personality is spunky and curious, but also extremely loving and caring. Otter enjoys exploring new places, things, and people. He’s usually the first to try something new, while Bunny watches. Otter will have shown Bunny that it’s safe, she’ll try the new thing too!

Despite their differences, these two kitties seem to have no idea of ​​their handicap and nothing prevents them from having fun and behaving like two curious and mischievous children.

Caroline added:

Otter is the older brother and he definitely watches over his sister. Bunny had to learn to adapt to his disability by standing and walking on his hind legs, and Otter also started to stand and walk on his hind legs… Bunny and Otter adapted very well to their disability. Neither of them knows they’re different, and they’re both thrilled!

These two little brothers are enjoying their time in their foster home, and their caretakers hope that once they’re ready to find a forever home, they can stay together.

Kitten with a bandage on his head 2

Additionally, your new family is expected to have knowledge in the care of pets with special conditions and be willing to continue with their special care or any attention they require.

Kitten with a band-aid on his head 3

For now, Otter and Bunny are staying with their foster family, enjoying the love and care of their favorite people and happily exploring the world around them.

Images: Instagram / babykittenrescue

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