Trapped Kitten Sees Firefighter Come to Rescue Him and Immediately Falls in Love

kitten trapped firefighter came save him falls love immediately

This little kitten stuck in a sewer sees the firefighter come to save him and immediately falls in love with him.

While Tyson Hood was browsing social media, he saw a post about a kitten that fell into a storm drain. The little boy had been stuck in a place where no one could easily reach him and had been meowing for help for four days without ever coming out.

Tyson is a community risk reduction lieutenant in his local fire department and has a soft spot for animals, let alone if they’re helpless and in danger, so he decided to message the person who posted the message to offer help.

The firefighter told The Dodo:

I’m a bit of a fan of animals in distress and I privately messaged him saying I worked for the local fire department at a position where I could help. The next day I heard a notification ping from message and we got to work.

Trapped kitten sees firefighter come to rescue him and immediately falls in love

Trapped kitten sees the firefighter who saved him and falls in love

Since Tyson didn’t have much experience with cats, he asked his girlfriend for help. She warned him that the kitten would probably be scared because of everything it was going through, and that could make rescue difficult.

The little feline was definitely scared and confused, and it took about an hour and a half to finally free him from the drain.

Tyson says:

After meeting Stephanie, the Good Samaritan who first recognized there was a kitten that needed help, she showed me the storm drain and explained that she was feeding it regularly, so at least he’s not starving.

Black kitten and her rescuer

The firefighter added:

After removing the grid, Stephanie brought some tuna and we put it in front of the tunnel, so she had to come out of the tunnel to eat. She realized quite quickly that it was a “trap” and refused to come out of the tunnel if she could see me… [When] Stephanie could see that I had come out of the tunnel to eat the tuna, she gave me a signal, all I did was cover the tunnel with the net before he could turn around and run in.

rescued kitten

The kitten was nervous, but once he realized he was finally free and the people around him wanted to help him, he started to relax and it didn’t take long for him to fall madly in love with his savior.

Tyson said:

As soon as he was out of the sewer and into a safe place, he climbed onto my shoulders and repeatedly purred his nose as loudly as I’ve ever seen a cat do. Which was flattering. When I called my girlfriend Cheryl for the first time for advice, before she hung up, she said, “That’s how you catch a cat: make sure you bring it back at home. I laughed and told him it wouldn’t happen, but after that smelly little monster loved me, I fell in love with him.

Trapped kitten sees the firefighter who came to save him and falls in love

Stephanie, the woman who helped the firefighter, had already planned to adopt the kitten once he was released, which Tyson respected. He told her that if for some reason he couldn’t take care of the feline, he would be happy to adopt her, and a few days later he received a call and officially became the father of the little one.

The kitten having been found on Walnut Street; his new adoptive father decided to name him Walnut.

Tyson assures:

I fully believe he must have had some sort of emotional imprint of good times nestled on my shoulders because that’s the only place he wants to be if I stand still. He purrs like a chainsaw and bangs his head like a rhino and for some reason insists on sleeping on my neck.

beautiful kitten adopted

This sweet kitten’s dad says that whenever his food bowl is full, he takes him to him and wants him to stand guard, he humorously claims it’s his penance for catching him in a trickle down this sewer. Tyson says the two have a special bond, and he feels lucky to have Walnut in his life.

Images: Tyson Hood

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