A Kitten With A “Pirate” Smile Comes Out Of Its Shell And Shines When It No Longer Needs To Hide

kitten with one eye looks adorable happy smile again

This sweet one-eyed kitten ends up with an adorable smile and is happy again thanks to the care and love of his foster family.

Jen, a volunteer foster carer with City Dogs & City Kitties Rescue in Washington, was contacted to help a kitten with an affected eye. The feline had been taken to a local shelter and was in desperate need of a foster home for its recovery process.

Although he only had one eye, the adorable kitty was truly bright and slowly began to learn to adapt to life as an outback boy.

Jen told Love Meow:

City Kitties immediately sprang into action and agreed to take him in. I drove to him and then went straight to an emergency vet, where they removed the broken cornea.

The kitten with one eye has an adorable smile

one eye rescued kitten

The kitten, named Uno, was six weeks old and weighed just 1.5 pounds when Jen brought him home to help him heal. The feline was nervous, scared and needed a lot of care and love as he recovered from his surgery.

Jen’s husband Ian fondled Uno a lot. He spent a lot of time with the little cat to make sure he was comfortable.

Kitten and his foster parent

Jen says:

One of them adapted quickly to ‘pirate’ status, but it took him a few weeks to get used to humans. I used to wear it over my sweatshirt so that “He’s getting used to being around people. He’s been hiding in the weirdest places, which is fun to remember now because he’s now running this house.

Kitten with one eye pirate is left with an adorable smile

The spunky kitten began enjoying the luxury of indoor living and receiving daily attention from her adoptive parents. He was glad to have food, a cozy bed to take a nap in, and a family to rub his belly whenever he wanted.

When he was finally ready to meet the resident cats, he was a little uncertain at first, but Jen helped him adjust to the changes and recognize the open spaces in the house, showing him every corner.

After walking through several spaces in the house, Uno was very brave and decided to stick her head out to observe the other cats and see their antics. Hagrid, one of the resident cats, immediately took the kitten under his wing. He decided to show her the toys and taught her to be a complete cat.

A few weeks later, Uno needed a second surgery for eye problems at the incision site. The vet wanted to be sure there was no possibility of future infections.

Jen wrote on her Instagram account:

Enucleations (removal of the eyes) can be tricky because if there is glandular tissue left over, it can prevent the incision from healing fully and cause constant leaking. Unfortunately, that’s exactly what happened to Uno. The little boy continued to ooze fluid from the corner of the incision. So he went back to the surgeon.

One-eyed kitten is happy again

Jen added:

It resulted in a lovely little ‘teasing’ as the skin tightened and lifted her upper lip. The ‘teasing’ should subside over time as the skin stretches, but for now, it makes Uno even cuter and more naughty.

During Uno’s recovery process, fellow feline residents Hagrid and Pokey invited him to join their gang and showered him with hugs and hugs.

The adoptive mother of the cat remembers:

He came in and fell between them, with a cone and everything. They gave him a few kisses and then they all snuggled up for a good nap.

kittens rest together

Uno has since recovered successfully and is thriving in her foster home. Luckily, he doesn’t have any lingering issues with his eyes and his personality is showing.

The little boy also has asthma, which is well controlled with an inhaler. He is a very judicious boy and takes his medication without any problem, in short he is a very happy little boy and nothing seems to stop him.

Jen says:

You approach your foster brother, Hagrid, and have recently become great friends with a new pair of foster kittens. He’s energetic, playful, goofy and absolutely adorable.

One eyed kitten and his friend

Finally, Jen said:

One has been with us for almost five months and it’s hard to overstate how much we love him. He has an incredibly sweet, quirky and endearing personality. My heart melts every time I see his little pirate ridiculously mocking and indescribably adorable.

If you want to know a bit more about Uno and her adoption process, you can contact Jen through her Instagram account or through her Pokey Pot Pie website.

Images: Instagram / pokeypotpie


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