Artists Create Tiny Hats Made From Her Cats’ Fur, And The Results Go Viral On Instagram

kittens collection of hats

A Japanese photographer named Ryo Tamazaki and his wife Hiromi have become known on social media for their incredible creative work that highlights how adorable kittens are and how beautiful they can look with their collection of hats made with their own fur.

The three Scottish Fold kittens, Nyaa, Mar and Mugi, are causing an internet sensation.

They walk around the house with their themed hats, Vikings, pilots or even in the shape of President Trump’s toupee. The possibilities are endless, and so is your creativity.

The cats have a collection of hats made from their fur

kittens collection of hats

According to DesingBoom, this craftsman started the ‘nukege hats’ project (nukege is the Japanese word for ‘molted fur’), when he saw a pile of fur piled up on the ground in the shape of a hat.

kittens collection of hats

He decided to mold it into a pointed shape and put it on one of his cats’ heads, so gradually other ideas for extravagant hats emerged with his wife.

kittens collection of hats

They live in Tokyo, Ryo is responsible for taking and sharing photos, while Hiromi is in charge of design and creation.

kittens collection of hats

For each hat it is necessary to use about a bowl of fur, but many times they dismantle old models to make room for new ones.

kittens collection of hats

During peak moulting seasons like spring and fall, they take care to brush them and pick up as much hair as possible.

kittens collection of hats

The couple’s Instagram is dedicated to sharing photos of these three cats. If you want to know more about their incredible work, you can follow them here.

Images: Instagram / rojiman

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