Kittens Thrown Into A Ditch Like Garbage, Only One Person Stopped Near Them. “You Have To Be Heartless”

Kittens Thrown Into A Ditch Like Garbage

A few days ago, one of the inhabitants of Proszkowice (Lower Silesian Voivodeship, Poland) came across some abandoned kittens. The cubs were hidden in a cardboard box, put in a plastic garbage bag and left in a ditch. Luckily, one cyclist’s attention was caught by the sounds the kittens were making. If they had kept silent, they would have had no chance of being saved.

A cyclist found the kittens in a cardboard box

A young cyclist decided to help these kittens. He took them home and then, with the help of his parents, contacted a woman who helps abandoned cats. Luckily, a volunteer, Mrs. Eliza, had a place in the “Zakocony attic” and was able to take all three of them.

The whole rescue operation went very well. Thanks to the commitment of kind-hearted people, the kittens have found their way to a safe place where they will receive complete care for as long as they need it. Under such conditions, they have a chance of becoming ideal candidates for a pet.

The kittens were tame and well cared for

Ironically, the abandoned kittens were in good condition. Fed, clean and confident. Oddly enough, they weren’t afraid of humans at all. They certainly must have spent time in human company during their short lives. They behaved like kittens who, from the beginning of their days, had been raised among loving owners.

Why did someone decide to abandon them in such a cruel way, despite previous care? We do not know. The way they were wrapped indicates that the previous owner was very concerned that the little ones were not saved.

The abandoned kittens were very lucky. Now they’re waiting for a loving home

The kittens, despite the time spent in a stuffy box, feel good. They are already wormed. Soon they will have all the necessary vaccines. They all enjoy huge appetites and have a passion for common mischief.

We would like to point out that despite the unfortunate situation that has happened to these little ones, a lot of good has happened to them. An attentive and sensitive cyclist to the suffering of animals, Mrs. Eliza who manages a temporary shelter and donors who agreed to donate funds for the maintenance of the kittens – in one day there were many people who wanted to save the life of defenseless animals.

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