A “kleptomaniac” cat steals from its neighbors, but this time it has gone too far. The owner wasn’t laughing at all

kleptomaniac cat steals from neighbors
Facebook / Jay Phoenix

It is common knowledge that cats love mice. Hunting them and then bringing them home gives them great satisfaction. Sometimes, however, humans’ purring friends have some pretty unusual preferences when it comes to giving gifts to their owners. A red-haired Maine Coon cat was gradually bringing home items stolen from its neighbors. What a surprise the couple must have been when one night she started throwing a sharp object around the bedroom. In certain circumstances this could be considered a murder weapon.

The cat brings home other people’s belongings. He was called a thief

Meet Gingee, a 4-year-old Maine Coon cat that every neighbor in the neighborhood has probably heard of. News of the animal spread throughout the neighborhood thanks to its sticky paws. Whenever no one is looking, the cat, like a skilled thief, plunders neighboring houses, earning him the nickname “Klepto-kitty”.

Gingee shows above average interest in other people’s property. It all started last Christmas when, while wrapping presents, family members noticed the scissors and tape suddenly missing. The appetite for loot grew the more he ate, so soon the kitten began to venture further and further in search of unique trophies.

kleptomaniac cat steals from neighbors
Facebook / Jay Phoenix

The owners have accepted Gingee’s tendency to collect small items and store them in a hiding place. His list of treasures so far includes a pair of glasses, a colander and a child’s shovel from the sandbox. The cat’s criminal activities led to a night vision camera being installed in the kitchen to track his antics. One night, the camera captured the moment an animal was attacked with a gun in its mouth.

kleptomaniac cat steals from neighbors
Facebook / Jay Phoenix

The camera filmed a kleptomaniac cat in flagrante delicto. It could have ended tragically

One night, around 3-4 a.m., a squeaking noise woke the cat’s owners. It was like knocking on a door with your nails or something hard. However, Jay Phoenix and his partner Mathew Westlake-Toms were too tired to care about the strange knocking noise, so they went back to sleep.

The next day, a surprise brought by Gingee was waiting for them at the door. The men clutched their heads when they saw what the animal was trying to bring into their room. After viewing the camera images, they decided to share with Internet users a recording documenting the actions of the cat thief.

kleptomaniac cat steals from neighbors
Facebook / Jay Phoenix

The video shows Gingee walking through the door with… a stolen knife in her mouth! The situation amused thousands of Internet users, although it must be admitted that sharp objects within the reach of pets are a ready recipe for an unfortunate accident. But this time there were no injuries.

My partner woke up around 8am, opened the door and felt like he was in a horror movie. Gingee was lying on the ground with a knife in front of her. “I was absolutely amazed,” Jay said, adding. – We always thought it was weird that he brought toys, but threatening us with a knife is a little weird in my opinion.

@gingee_klepto I might need a metal detector on my cat flap! 😬 #catsoftiktok #funnycatsoftiktok #cat #cats ♬ original sound – gingeethekleptokitty

As the pile of stolen items continues to grow, Gingee’s exploits can be followed via social media.

Kleptomaniacs are among us. Why do animals steal?

Contrary to appearances, animal kleptomania is a fairly common problem, although it can be much more annoying than that of a sneaky redhead. Just mention the birds attracted to the garlands. Moreover, on forums dedicated to animal care, many people admit that their dog or cat has a weakness for certain clothes. They usually cannot resist dirty socks or underwear, which they then eagerly chew in front of their rightful owners.

However, you should know that the sudden and irresistible urge to steal other people’s property is often dictated not by the hunting instinct, but by boredom, stress and the desire for a guardian. In this way, it relieves tensions resulting, among other things, from long hours of absence of household members. An animal with kleptomaniac tendencies hopes that all the attention will be focused on him when he proudly presents his trophy. Sometimes snuggling up to something with a familiar smell gives them the greatest relief.

As long as your pet is not interested in toxic products or things that could harm him, like rubber bands, you can consider this habit as a source of amusing anecdotes to tell in the company of animal lovers.

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