A Kleptomaniac Cat Terrorizes The Neighbors. The Family Recoiled From What He Was Trying To Bring Home

Kleptomaniac Cat Terrorizes The Neighbors

Residents of one of Auckland’s housing estates have been struggling with an unusual problem for a long time. Suspiciously, many everyday objects were lost in mysterious circumstances. Most were socks, but not only. The mysterious disappearances have fired people’s imaginations for many months. Various theories have been put forward about the author of these micro-thefts. However, no one guessed who the culprit of all this fuss was – a cat named Lenny.

All the neighbors had the same problem

It would seem that drying clothes in one’s own garden is an activity that no one is interested in, except the owners of the clothes. However, it turned out that this is not always the case. For a long time, someone who showed obvious interest in things hanging from strings had been prowling around Kohimarama.

At first, this phenomenon was underestimated. Later, many locals made jokes about it. However, after a while, a little frustration started to arise and the question: why would anyone do that? Stealing individual socks or underwear is certainly not something anyone would consider normal behavior.

Roommates, spouses and children in the neighborhood were suspects. It seemed very likely that someone was making some unusual jokes.

A Kleptomaniac Cat Terrorizes The Neighbors
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The thief was caught in the act

The mysterious case of missing socks was solved by accident. A cat named Lenny, one of a family’s pets living on the estate, who was adopted in 2021, was caught in the act. This animal was allowed to leave the house freely at any time.

It turned out that Lenny became a compulsive kleptomaniac at night. This is not the first such case in cats, Jordan, whose history we described some time ago, has similar interests.

Dee-Anna Priday and Dave Butler, the cat’s owners, became suspicious when they caught their cat stealing socks. They decided to take the opportunity and record a video in which it is impossible to find out that the thief turns out to be their pet.

The cat’s collection is very diverse and… continues to grow!

The couple decided to share their discovery with the other inhabitants of the estate. Solving the riddle caused a lot of laughter among local residents. Now they knew where to go if small items were missing.

It turned out that Lenny’s interests weren’t limited to socks. Occasionally he would snatch a shoe, gloves smuggled from a nearby construction site, underwear and children’s clothes, which he brought as gifts to his guardians.

– Day after day, he came home from the construction site wearing gloves. At first in single games, then it came out for the rest of the pair. I can only imagine workers asking ‘where the hell are my gloves’ before blaming themselves,” Butler told the Herald.

One of this cat’s most interesting ideas was to bring a letter to the apartment! On another occasion, he indulged in size 45 football boots which, unfortunately for Lenny, were too big and got stuck on the outside of the backhand.

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