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The komondor is a breed of dog of Hungarian origin, which was traditionally used as a guard dog and which is very similar to the Puli dog. However, they can be easily differentiated, and that is because the Puli is a much smaller dog than the komondor.

It is an excellent sheepdog and protector of sheep or cattle, the komondor is a brave dog capable of defending his against any attack, both from intrusive people such as the wolf and the bear.


Komondor photos

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Physical characteristics

The two most distinctive characteristics of the komondor dog are its size and its fur. It is a large animal that rivals another handful of breeds to be the largest in the world.

What he wins from afar is in the weight of his fur, which is up to 7 kilos of weight for the animal due to the quantity. It is a fairly heavy breed in terms of movement, with very large limbs. It camouflages itself perfectly under all its coat, but it is always possible to differentiate its dark, oval eyes and its V-shaped hanging ears.

  • Male size: 71-76 cm
  • Females: 64-69cm
  • Male weight: 36-50 kg
  • Females: 30-50 kg

Distinctive features

  • Head: The head is long, the skull is broad. The transition from forehead to muzzle is pronounced. The muzzle is of medium length.
  • Jaws: The jaws are strong. Scissor kick.
  • Ears: The ears are triangular, of medium size, falling freely to the sides of the head. Neither high nor low.
  • Eyes: The eyes are medium sized, oval. The eyes are not prominent, but not deep either.
  • Frame: The chest is deep. The belly is well proportioned. The back is straight but short.
  • Limbs: The legs are straight and muscular. The hind limbs are better developed than the forelimbs. The hocks are slightly arched. The paws resemble those of the cat, the fingers are collected. The pads are elastic, dark. Hard, dark nails.
  • Coat: The coat is long in the form of bundles. It can reach a length of 25 cm. Puppies have short, fluffy hair with a thick undercoat. The allowed color is only white, puppies can have a cream shade.

Character and behavior

Guard dog by nature, the komondor is not a breed suitable for anyone and you have to think deeply before buying one. Suspicious of strangers, it feels devotion to its family and will protect it from everything it considers a threat.

The temperament of the komondor is everything you would expect from a watchdog. Although its appearance may seem funny and harmless, the truth is that under all this coat hides a very brave and trained animal for combat, which needs a firm leader who can contain it. It is a breed that requires training of a puppy, because it can be stubborn and independent, so it is not recommended for people with no previous experience with dogs of these characteristics.

On the other hand, the komondor is a fairly calm and self-assured dog, with a great protective instinct towards his family. It is not a particularly affectionate animal, but it will tolerate the caresses of those it loves, especially if they are children, with whom it is patient and affectionate.

This breed also requires rapid socialization with other dogs and other animals, to avoid developing aggressive tendencies in adulthood. With firmness in his education and socialization, it will be possible to enjoy a balanced, calm and even affectionate animal.


Representatives of the breed are healthy, but in order for the dogs to stay in good shape, they need proper care.

Komondors are prone to hereditary health issues. Diseases to which dogs of this breed are susceptible:

  • Muscle atrophy – occurs in the absence or insufficient amount of physical activity.
  • Hip dysplasia – occurs due to excessive loads on the hind legs. The disease is incurable. Symptoms: deformation of the legs, pain when walking.
  • Problems with the digestive system (bloating).
  • Entropy – inversion of the eyelid (this disease can lead to loss of vision).

To reduce the risk of infectious and pathological diseases, dogs need regular vaccinations and veterinary examinations. If the vaccination is not timely, the dog can catch viral diseases.

Life expectancy

On average, Komondor dogs live between 10 and 14 years.


It is not recommended to comb the coat of the Komondor with a stiff brush, like the coat of other dogs. At the same time, the coat requires careful care, you need to keep the dog clean, bathe it, and if you need to comb it, use a comb with a wide parting.

Ears should be cleaned 2-3 times a week and periodically inspected for infections – redness and other unhealthy conditions. The eyes are cleaned daily. The nails are cut 3 times a month. Bathe your dog as needed.


Due to the density of the Komondor hair, the probability of the appearance of parasites is high, so the dog should be examined regularly. It is enough to wash the Hungarian Shepherd Dog once every two months using lanolin shampoo.


The dog needs regular physical activity, so you need to walk it daily for at least two hours. Simple running is not enough for representatives of this breed: it is recommended to drive the Hungarian Shepherd to a special area equipped with various obstacles. People leading an active lifestyle can take a Komondor with them for a run to the park – he will willingly run alongside him as long as necessary.

Fun facts

  • Representatives of the breed have a touchy character, and can repay the offender in kind, “savoring cold revenge.” This applies not only to outsiders, but also to family members who have lost authority in his eyes.
  • Among large breed dogs, a high level of intelligence is not uncommon, but Hungarian Komondor dogs can give odds to anyone. The main thing that distinguishes the commanders is their phenomenal memory: even once contacting a person, he is able to recognize him after a few years.
  • The Hungarian Komondor Shepherd has very light bones, which reduces overall body weight and makes the dog lighter than other breeds of the same size. An adult Komondor weighs an average of 50-60 kg. For comparison: St. Bernard or English Mastiff with the same height can weigh up to 100 kg.
  • Komondor dogs are considered a national treasure. And this despite the fact that the breed appeared earlier than Hungary itself and in a completely different place.

History of the breed

The komondor is an ancient breed, known in Hungary – native country – for thousands of years. It arrived in Hungary with the nomadic Magyars, who used it as guardian of their flocks. It is possible to descend from the great ovtcharka, another protective dog of cattle from the Caucasian region of southwestern Russia.

The history of the Komondor dog since its beginnings in Hungary, perhaps as a descendant of the Tibetan dogs which populated the Himalayas, like the Tibetan mastiff, with which it is believed to share its origin. It is a very large and sturdy dog, which can be classified as a giant breed because of its size.

In Hungary, this animal was very important for a long time, as a pasture dog and guardian, until today becoming one of the pets par excellence in the country. His appearance may be that of a tender sheep, but beneath this appearance is a strong and courageous dog with a high protective instinct, which, beyond taking care of the herds, was even used as a battle dog during the Second World War.

During this time, the German army killed a good number of Komondor dogs, which put the breed in serious danger. Fortunately, at the end of the war, the Hungarians were able to maintain and recover the breed through improved breeding, and today it remains one of the favorite pets in homes across the country. However, it is not so easy to find specimens of Komondor outside of Hungary, as it is a generally unknown breed.


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