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The Korat cat is a mysterious animal that appeared in Thailand. Many legends are associated with him. Residents of the area where the Korat cat traditionally lives, believe that it can bring happiness.

Korat cat
Korat is a beautiful cat that will make even a person who first saw its representatives fall in love with the breed.

For Thais, the Korat cat breed is a symbol of money and family happiness. A couple of kittens are traditionally given to the bride at a wedding. Residents of Thailand are confident that this cat is able to bring a rich harvest to its owner. According to the Thais, even outwardly, the Korat resembles a rain cloud, and the eyes of the animal are the shoots of young plants.

Korat appearance is similar to Russian blue or the Nebelung cat, however the shade of its fur is different.

Representatives of the Korat cat breed are very graceful creatures. They are naturally inquisitive and very loyal to the owner. Korats are talkative and know a whole list of sounds that can sometimes surprise the owner.

Breed history

There are breeds that occupy a special place in the cat world, due to their centuries-old pedigree and the legends associated with them. These, of course, include the Korat breed. These cats come from Thailand, known to people from ancient times, many centuries ago, and now, are considered cats of happiness and good luck. Moreover, in Thailand there has long been a belief that cats cannot be either sold or bought, but can only be donated.

However, this does not prevent modern Thais from selling Korat cats to tourists without a twinge of conscience. But they present it as the same gift, and it’s as if you are simply giving in exchange some non-fixed amount of money. Of an own free will. Although the minimum amount is indicated immediately. The Thais of these cats give each other, on the contrary, as a sign of attention.

The Korat cats are repeatedly mentioned in the ancient Feline book of poems, the first texts date back to the 14th century. In the mother tongue of cats, these cats are called si-savat, or “blue happiness.” Their smooth, graceful outlines, amazing color and a pensive, mystical look, really inspire thoughts of something otherworldly and high.

For the first time in the Western world, the Korat cat was introduced in 1959, thanks to the breeder Gina Johnson, or rather, her husband, who brought several kittens from Thailand. In Europe, the breed appeared in 1972. To date, Korat cats officially recognized by all world associations of cat lovers.

According to legend, the name of the breed was invented by Rama V Chulalongkorn. While studying the Book of Poems, the man saw a description of a wonderful breed, and he really wanted to get such a kitty. Rama’s request was answered. Soon the animal was delivered. Rama asked the donors where they brought the cat from. They replied that the animal was delivered from Korat.

Country of origin: Thailand

Other names: Si-Sawat

Korat cat
The Korat cat is not aggressive, but can respond to the enemy

Physical characteristics of the Korat cat

The cortex is characterized by a heart-shaped head, flat forehead, rounded muzzle. The nose is short and wide, without a foot. The chin is well developed. Teeth are noticeably larger than in other breeds of domestic cats. The eyes are bright, large, round. Eye color is bright green. The ears are large, broad at the base, the tips are rounded.

The Korat ‘s body is strong and not big. Limbs of medium length, front slightly shorter than hind, strong, rounded legs. The tail is broad at the base, tapering to the tip, the tip of the tail is rounded.

The coat hair is dense, shiny, silky almost without undercoat, so it fits well. The color of the coat is exceptionally silvery-blue with silver tipping. The more silver the more valuable the cat.

Externally, the Korat resemble the Burmese blue cat, but genetically they are related to the oriental blue.

Korat kittens are born with the same color of fur as their parents. But the color of the eyes of kittens at birth can be not only green but also amber. They will turn green after they reach sexual maturity at the age of 2 or 4 years.

The Korat usually weights – 2.5 – 4.5 kg.

Korat cat
Cat nails need to be trimmed periodically

Korat cat character

Korat are very affectionate and calm cats, who enjoy the company of their guardians. Of course, this cat will need a more detailed socialization in the event that he is going to live with children or other pets, since sometimes he can be reluctant to share his home with them, but nothing that a good social education cannot solve. In this sense, it should be noted that this training will be facilitated by the great intellectual gifts of these kittens, as they are able to assimilate new teachings with surprising ease.

It adapts to life in different environments, so it doesn’t matter if you live in an apartment in the city or in a rural house, the Korat is capable of being happy if all his needs are met. In addition, this breed is famous for all the affection it squanders to its own, as well as for its passion for games and the attention we pay him. It should be noted that the Korat especially enjoys search and trace games.

We will be clear if they are comfortable or enjoying themselves, since they are very communicative both visually and audibly, meowing to convey their feelings to their tutors. In this way, the korat cat’s character stands out for being totally transparent and direct.

Korat cat
Korat cats are full of energy, but sometimes they prefer to save it.

Character highlights:

  • Korat cats are gentle and affectionate animals.
  • They love their master very much and miss a lot if they are forced to part with him. Korat cats have a lively mind and enjoy exploring the world around them.
  • Representatives of the breed use a wide range of sounds that allow them to accurately convey desires to a person. Korats are not as loud and capricious as some other cats, but they will definitely make it clear what they want at the moment.
  • The Korat’s muzzle is incredibly expressive. By one of his facial expressions, you can understand the mood of the pet.
  • Korat cats are sociable animals. They do not like to be alone and miss the owner very much. For this reason, it is better not to have a pet for those people who are rarely at home and will not be able to pay due attention to it.

Note! Korat energy does not take up. However, representatives of the breed do not like to move too much. They are very attentive animals. Nothing can hide from the green eyes of the Korat.

Korat kittens
As kittens, Korat have blue eyes, which can then change color.


The Korat is a fairly long-lived cat, which can reach 18 or 19 years of age.

Due to the fact that the Korat is not an artificially bred breed, its representatives do not have a tendency to any disease. However, cats sometimes have genetic failures. This leads to atelosteogenesis. The terrible disease was almost eradicated, but cases of the disease sometimes occur. If both parents have genes with defects, the Korat kiten will most likely die. The presence of the disease can be diagnosed using ultrasound and a complete examination of the skeleton.

Korat cats are sensitive to drafts. The animal matures late. The cat does not finish growing and forming until it is 4 years old.

Korat cat
For an animal to be healthy, it must be carefully looked after


Each cat is unique and has its own needs in terms of food. However, cats are carnivores and each cat must obtain 41 different specific nutrients in their food. The proportion of these nutrients will vary depending on age, lifestyle and overall health, so it is expected that an energetic kitten that is still growing needs a balance of nutrients different from that of a less active older cat.

When composing a diet for your Kora cat, the owner should strive to provide the pet with a balanced diet. It guarantees the health of the cat for many years. Failure to follow the rules can lead to the appearance of the Korat:

  • Obesity;
  • Vitamin deficiency (Avitaminosis, hypovitaminosis);
  • Problems with the cardiovascular system;
  • Immunodeficiency.
Korat cat
Korats are not as loud and capricious as some other cats

When choosing food for a pet, a person must opt ​​for food made specifically for the breed. They are in the premium section and are not cheap, but they are able to provide the pet with all the substances that are required to maintain health and stay active.

Note! You can purchase both dry and wet food for the Korat cat. If the owner prefers type 1, he will be able to save a lot. Premium dry food is cheaper than a natural food supply for the same period.

It is more difficult to create a balanced diet based on natural products. A person should clearly understand what substances a cat needs to be active and maintain health, and what foods contain the necessary trace elements.

Note! The food for the Korat cat will have to be prepared separately. In addition, to replenish the missing substances, it may be necessary to use vitamin and mineral complexes, which are expensive. For this reason, experts advise giving preference to ready-made feeds suitable for the breed.

Regardless of the method of feeding that the owner has chosen for the pet, the cat should always have clean and fresh water. It is required to change the liquid in the pet’s bowl at least once a day. It is best to do this with every meal.

Korat cat
A healthy Korat can live up to 20 years

Basic care

In terms of caring for a Korat cat, everything is simple, the short hair of the Korat does not require a special grooming. As we already mentioned, there is no undercoat, which means that frequent combing is not necessary. It is enough to remove dead hair with a brush a couple of times a month.

Note! When caring for a pet, do not forget about the hygiene of the ears. They need to be cleaned with a napkin that has been previously soaked in warm boiled water. The ears of the Korat should be cleaned with care. Sudden movements can damage the cartilage. Because of this, the ears of the pet may bend or take an unnatural position. Such an animal will not be able to claim victory in exhibitions.

Otherwise, everything is like the rest of the cat breeds – you need to cut your cat’s nails at least 2 times a month, bathe periodically, not more than once a month, remove dirt from the auricles. Do not forget about quality nutrition.

Note! For the clipping procedure, you need to use a professional nail clipper. Cat nail scissors will not work. The procedure must be done carefully. The person performing the operation should only grasp and cut off the tip of the claw. If you catch a large area at once, a person risks harming the pet.

As with all cats, periodic vaccinations and antiparasitic controls are recommended.

If manipulations are carried out at a set frequency, the Korat will delight the owner with beauty for many years.

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