Labradoodle Follows Kids To School And Ends Up At The Principal’s Office

Labradoodle Follows Kids School Principal Office

The dog began a desperate search throughout the school, until he reached the principal’s office, where he found himself embedded in a blind.

It is common for mothers of young children to receive calls from their teachers warning them of bad behavior, but when the school tried to contact Karen Manthey, the complaint was not due to her children, but to her. Sandy dog.

Guided by his protective instinct, the Labradoodle dog found himself in the principal’s office, leaving behind a funny photo that went viral on social networks.

Dog follows children to school

On her Facebook account, Karen Manthey recounted the adventure that her pet experienced a few days ago when, without her realizing it, she managed to escape from her home to follow his human brothers at school.

In an interview with the portal ‘The Dodo‘, the woman said that Sandy has been part of her family since she was a puppy, which made her develop a lot of attachment for everyone, but especially for the children, that she always tries to keep accompanying when they go out in the morning towards school.

Karen adds:

He wants to be involved in everything we do. It bothers him every day that a member of our family leaves their care. When camping, if the family is separated, they will spend all of their time running to make sure each group is safe.

sandy with family

Sandy therefore took advantage of a day when Karen was absent-minded to begin her school adventure.

The woman said the dog was following the children, but at one point lost sight of them, the animal then embarked on a desperate search throughout the school, until it reached the office of the director, where it ended up being pushed into a blind.

Sandy big family

The funny scene was immortalized in a photo taken by a neighbor of Karen, who shared it to ask if the school traveler was hers.

Unfortunately, the woman could not take the message or the school calls because her phone was turned off. It was then that one of their daughters was allowed to return home with the dog.

sandy message

When Karen found out about the story, she immediately went to school to ask about the broken blinds and other damage she needed to cover.

Karen continues:

I showed up there to apologize and pay for the blinds, but the school guard had already replaced them. Instead, they asked me to email the photo to them. The ladies in the office adored him.

The funny photo of dog Sandy also reached social media, where it went viral.

Images: Karen Manthey

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