Adorable Video Shows A Labrador Dog Mom Teaching Her Pups How To Swim


It is surprising how a Labrador Retriever teaches her children to swim.

Dogs are among man’s favorite pets, they are faithful, affectionate, tender and really surprising animals, proof of this is a video where an adult Labrador teaches her puppies to swim.

This recording shows six cubs imitate their mom. The adult dog enters the lake waiting for the puppies to follow her. In the end only a few accomplish the feat.

It is said that all dogs instinctively know how to swim, however, there are dog breeds that are quintessential swimmers, just like the Labrador. From its origins the history of the Labrador has been associated with water and swimming.

The Labradors, like the Newfoundland dogs, come from the so-called St. John’s water dog, an already extinct breed that was used by fishermen in Canada to collect fishing nets or transport ropes between boats, among other water tasks.

That is why the Labrador is a very fond of water and he likes to take a dip whenever he can. It is well prepared for this since it has a double layer of hair and an interdigital membrane that helps them swim faster.

These animals are very curious, they like to explore places and follow trails; This helps its good sense of smell as it is one of the most developed dog breeds that have it.

On the other hand, there are also dogs that find it difficult to swim and that can even drown. The only certainty is that all races move their legs so as not to sink.

Watch the video here:

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