This Labrador Rescued Six Abandoned Kittens From Death

Labrador rescues abandoned kittens

Dogs and cats generally don’t get along very well, so much so that it becomes – Normal -: yet many times these very different animals forge strong emotional bonds, and many people have both the best friend in their home. of man and a feline, could testify and tell tasty anecdotes on this subject.

It sometimes happens in the animal world that some specimens develop a very strong maternal / paternal sense, and not having a puppy to satisfy this desire, they then transfer this need for love to belonging to other species: c This is exactly what happened to this Jack Russell Terrier, who unwittingly became a web star for at least a day.

This Labrador rescued six abandoned kittens

Labrador rescues abandoned kittens

In Casablanca, Morocco, a dog rescued newborn kittens. This is reported by Pets Feed.

This brave Labrador Retriever named Billy is rightly called a hero. While walking around his neighborhood, Billy discovered a box of kittens, which someone was specially hiding behind trees.

Soufiane, the dog’s owner, 30, noticed that Billy was excited about something. The dog pulled him out of the pants and tried to show him something, so Soufiane decided to find out what was bothering Billy and followed him.

“He rushed behind the trees and started running around the cardboard box. I had no idea what could be there, ”Soufiane told Pets Feed.

Labrador rescues abandoned kittens

“When I opened it, Billy immediately took out a little bitten.”

In the box were 6 little kittens, just a few days old, which someone abandoned.

Soufiane decided to help the little kittens and brought them home, where Billy continues to take care of them.

A real hero. If he hadn’t found them, they would all be dead.

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