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It is difficult to resist the charm of LaPerm cats. Their distinctive feature is a curly, wavy coat that you just want to stroke. These cats adore attention, they are very attached to the owner, while they are very delicate and affectionate. They train well, love to play with children, so they always become desirable pets.

Laperm cat
Laperm cat

LaPerm is one of the long-haired cat breeds, distinguished by its amazingly beautiful curly hair, reminiscent of a sheep’s coat. Curly cats began their march around the world only at the end of the 20th century, but they have already won the recognition and love of many breeders and owners.

The tightest curls appear at the bottom of the LaPerm cat at the throat and at the base of the ears. The long-haired version has a curly tail, while the short-haired version looks like a bottle brush. All types boast a set of big curly mustaches. The LaPerm cat can have any color or pattern. The color of his eyes goes from the spectrum of gold to water, which can have one eye of each color.

Breed history

This is a fairly young breed that arose unintentionally and was noticed completely unexpectedly. The first representative was born by chance. In 1982, in a family of farmers Richard and Linda Coel (Dallas, Oregon), a common tabby cat gave birth to six kittens. But one of them was not like the others – he was born bald, wrinkled, and the owners thought that the baby was unlikely to survive, as he seemed the weaker of all. However, the kitty grew up very strong and healthy.

The mother of an unusual kitten – a simple mongrel cat-hunter named Speedy did not differ in special signs.

All the kittens in the litter were similar to her, but this bald baby became the owner of large wide-set ears, twisted whiskers (whiskers) and a thin long body with folded skin.

At the age of about two months, the cat appeared and began to grow hair. It was soft and pleasant to the touch. Over time, the hairs began to curl.

The name of the LaPerm breed comes from the French and English words “la” and “perm”, which literally means “permanent (chemical) perm”.

The kitten’s fur curled by itself by nature, so the hostess named her favorite Curly, which means “Curly”. Initially, the owners did not pay much attention to the unusual pet, however, when the cat matured and began to bring its own kittens, they noticed that many of the babies also looked like a curly-haired mother.

Laperm cat
Laperm cat

The owners became interested in this feature and decided to consult with professional felinologists. The cat was shown to specialists and what a surprise it was when it turned out that this genetic mutation turned out to be a rarity in the world of cats and had never been found anywhere before! The gene responsible for the special structure of cat hair turned out to be dominant and was well transmitted to the next generations.

The owners decided not to neglect the peculiarity of the pet anymore and started breeding cats with curly hair in earnest. They studied a lot of information, often consulted with professional geneticists, felinologists and veterinarians. The general interest in these beautiful pets grew rapidly, and already in 1992 Linda Coel exhibited several of these cats at the official show in Portland.

Unprecedented success and general attention awaited unusual participants, so Linda continued her painstaking work to create the breed and founded the first LaPerm cats kennel. She wrote the first breed standard in 1997. Since then, work has begun to strengthen the qualities of the breed. Siamese and Maine cats participated in this.

The process of official recognition turned out to be very long – only in 2002 when the TICA recognized the LaPerm cats, in 2008 and 2011 some other large organizations were recognized and after that they established a single international standard. Now the breed continues to develop, adjustments are being made and work is underway to preserve the phenotype, but the characteristic features of the LaPerm cats were successfully strengthened.

Native country: USA

LaPerm cat
LaPerm cat

Characteristics of the LaPerm cat

LaPerm are medium-sized cats, weighing between 3 and 5 kilos in females and 4 and 6 kilos in males, these being also slightly taller. Its body is strong and fibrous, with a marked musculature that conceals its coat. Its strong hind legs are slightly longer than the front ones. The tail is wide at the base and somewhat finer at the tip and has a thick and long coat of hair.

LaPerm cat’s head is, like the body, medium in size with a triangular shape and ending in a long snout whose nose is also long and straight. This head is topped by wide, triangular ears with small plumes similar to those of lynx. Her eyes are oval in shape and with a color that matches that of her cloak.

Regarding the coat, there are two varieties, the LaPerm with long hair and the one with short or medium hair, both are recognized and their colors and patterns can be any of the possibilities that exist, with no limitations in this regard. The most particular feature is that her hair is curly.

LaPerm cat
LaPerm cat

LaPerm cat character and personality

LaPerm are sweet cats. They love people and seek human companionship. They are very affectionate, love to be hugged and learn to search for objects quickly, as well as many other skills. They are curious by nature and always want to know what’s going on around them. They are usually quiet, even if they can meow when they want to attract attention.

This is a sweet and very affectionate breed. LaPerm cat requires constant contact with a person, this is noticeable when the owner returns home. LaPerm pursues him step by step. And even if a person closes in the bathroom, the cat will ask to enter there too.

When the LaPerm sees its owner, it begins to purr, demonstrating its tender feelings.

LaPerm cats learn their name well and willingly respond to the call of the owner.

Good-natured LaPerm are very fond of touching the face of a person. Many breeders note that during tenderness, they are primarily drawn to the owner’s face, licking him and sniffing. Some pets even touch it with their paws.

These cats love to show their love and wait for affection in return. The cat’s favorite place in the house is the owner’s legs, shoulders or chest.

Curious crumbs love active games and enjoy playing with adults and children.

If you hail them, LaPerm cats will immediately come running to the call. In a calm state, the animals meow very quietly. However, when a pet needs something, it enhances its intonation.

LaPerm cats love hunting, which was inherited from farm yard cats. But this does not interfere with their comfortable living in the apartment.

Cats can take root in any conditions, if only the owner was satisfied. It is as if a famous proverb says about them – with a sweet paradise and in a hut. Therefore, reviews about LaPerm are the best.


In general, the breed is healthy, there are no genetically transmitted diseases. This is due to the spontaneous appearance of LaPerm and the use of strong phenotypes of cats to strengthen the breed characteristics. However, parasitic infestations (fleas, ticks, helminths and others) may occur. Allergic reactions are rare. LaPerm cats can suffer from infectious viral and bacterial diseases, as well as diseases caused by protozoa unicellular.

A fatal outcome can be caused by congenital malformations (extremely rare), serious viral diseases, parasitic infestations and associated diseases, and dangerous injuries. Also, improper maintenance, poor and unbalanced nutrition can shorten the life span.

LaPerm cats need to be given enough attention, good socialization is required in adolescence, otherwise pets may suffer psychologically, which is expressed in depression, which is not typical of this breed.

LaPerm cat
LaPerm cat

Basic care

Since LaPerm is a cheerful and agile cat, it is necessary to equip housing so that the pet can run and jump freely for pleasure. It is important to have toys for your pet, mice, balls, fishing rods, teasers and other interesting and safe fun are good.

Similar toys for dogs are also suitable.

Despite the fact that LaPerm spends most of his free time from games and research on the hands of the owner, you can get a bed or a pet house. It is important to ensure that the pet is not in drafts, and does not overheat in the warm season.

Be sure to inspect your cat’s eyes, nose, mouth and ears daily, and remove dirt if necessary. If the pet lives exclusively indoors, you can trim the claws. This procedure can be mastered on your own, but if you have doubts about your abilities, it is better to contact a veterinarian or a professional groomer (pet care specialist) so as not to harm your pet.

With proper care, LaPerm cats live up to about 15 years. Some cats live longer.

After walking and playing, it is useful to conduct a full examination of the cat – gently and gently stroking the head, neck, paws, sides, stomach and back to assess the general condition. It is necessary to understand if there are any wounds, external parasites, to evaluate how the pet reacts to touch.

Brush your LaPerm cat’s teeth at least once a week. This procedure helps remove plaque and prevents the formation of tartar, which can lead to more serious health problems.

Regardless of whether the cat lives in the house or has access to the street, it is imperative to carry out deworming every 3 months (treatment for worms), for this use tablets, suspensions or drops. In the warm season, every month they are treated for external parasites. From the age of two months, they begin to vaccinate and then they are vaccinated annually throughout their lives.

These cats are strong and rarely get sick, so there are no difficulties in caring for LaPerm. However, in order to preserve the properties of the wool, some rules must be followed.

You shouldn’t bathe your LaPerm cat too often. Firstly, excessive water procedures remove the natural fatty layer on the skin, which leads to dandruff, discomfort, and deterioration of the coat. Secondly, moisturizing the hair often affects frizz and can straighten beautiful curls. If the pet gets dirty, you can redeem it, but it is worth using exclusively special shampoos for cats, taking into account the type of wool.

After water procedures, LaPerm should be thoroughly wiped off with a towel, but you should not dry it with a hairdryer – this measure can damage the hair structure and reduce the degree of curl by straightening the curls. You can also use dry shampoos.

You need to comb your pet at least 1 – 2 times a week, as often as possible, up to daily. This is especially true for long-haired pets. Although LaPerm’s coat usually does not get tangled, sometimes the hair can roll and get tangled. A comb with rounded edges works best.

At the same time, if, for some reason, tangles have appeared on the LaPerm cat’s fur, you should not cut them off with scissors. To eliminate them, there is an excellent tool – a collar cutter. With its help, you can easily cope with tangles of any size.

LaPerm cat
LaPerm cat


It is not recommended to take away a LaPerm kitten at the age of one month from the mother, but sometimes there is simply no other way out. In this case, you will have to feed the kitten at least six times a day and follow many other rules. Read about this in a separate article.

Further, all general rules for feeding kittens by age are suitable for a kitten.

LaPerm cats are unpretentious in food, they will easily eat both homemade food and branded food. However, to maintain health, only high-quality foods should be given. If the owner prefers natural products, you need to carefully balance the diet. Periodically include fortified mineral supplements, withstand breaks between courses. Main food products:

meat (beef, rabbit meat, turkey meat – necessarily boiled); cereals (rice, buckwheat, a little less often – oatmeal); fermented milk products (low-fat cottage cheese, kefir, hard cheese); sea ​​fish (in moderation, necessarily deboned); vegetables (carrots, zucchini, pumpkin);

It is forbidden to add spices to food, feed fried or smoked foods.

In the choice of vitamins, preference should be given to the complex or for the skin and coat, you also need to take into account the age and physical condition of the pet.

If it is more convenient to use ready-made feed, it is better to buy products of at least premium class. Can be fed with dry, canned food, or combined. However, you cannot combine the products of different manufacturers, since the composition of each is individually balanced and these proportions can be violated, which is harmful to the pet’s body. Also, do not mix natural and branded products.

For the convenience of feeding your pet, we recommend purchasing an automatic cat feeder, which has a lot of useful functions. Read more about it here.

Be sure to purchase an automatic cat drinker. This will give your pet clean, filtered, oxygenated water.

LaPerm cat
LaPerm cat

LaPerm cat highlights

LaPerm cats are wonderful pets, easy to care for and pleasant to talk to, but not for everyone who wants to have such a beautiful pet. Their character is controversial and interesting.

LaPerm cat advantages:

  • Cats are perky and friendly, get along well with children;
  • Interesting in communication;
  • They have a quiet voice, so they do not irritate with noisy screams;
  • LaPerm’s appearance is a characteristic business card;
  • Combine playfulness and tenderness;
  • Easy to maintain;
  • They study well, perceive some commands, quickly understand the order of the house;
  • Loyal to the owner and friendly with guests;
  • Hypoallergenic.

LaPerm cat disadvantages:

  • Require constant attention, therefore they are not suitable for constantly busy people;
  • Special care is needed for the coat to maintain its appearance;
  • Need physical contact, so they can persistently climb onto their hands, jump on their shoulders, touch their face;
  • LaPerm with access to the street can regularly bring “gifts” to the owner in the form of trapped mice, birds or insects;
  • It is difficult to acquire a kitten, as it is a very rare and expensive breed.

A family with children is perfect for LaPerm, no problem if there are other pets in the house. These sociable cats will only be glad to have an active pastime with games and fun. They are not aggressive, loving and enjoy attention.

If the owner constantly disappears at work, and the cat is left to itself, LaPerm can damage the interior, become sad or become aggressive. These problems are associated with the psychology of the breed, so you need to consider all aspects before starting a LaPerm.