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They knew it would be the last time their dog would go out in the snow. Saying goodbye to your pet brings tears to your eyes

The owner of a dog with cancer decided to enjoy her last moments with her pet in a unique way. Instead of despairing that her beloved pet’s life was coming to an end, she made sure her pet felt comfortable. She recorded an unusual farewell to her dog and shared it on social media. The material moved thousands of Internet users.

They discovered their dog was dying

Riley has had a golden retriever for years. Sadly, the woman recently learned that her beloved pet’s days were coming to an end. The dog was diagnosed with a malignant tumor. Due to the age of the animal and the advanced stage of the disease, the specialists were unable to do anything.

All that’s left for the sick dog’s family to do is make the most of their last moments together. Riley and her partner decided they wouldn’t spend this time desperately hugging their pet. They decided to do something that would bring them both relief and pleasure for the elderly dog.

last time dog go out snow

Instead of despairing, they made sure the dying dog was happy

Even though the golden was suffering from a terminal illness, he still had plenty of will to live. That’s why his owners decided to organize a special family moment especially for him. It was when they realized that their family would soon become smaller that they understood that ordinary moments were the most precious.

Riley, her husband, their son and their two pets simply went for a walk together in the snow. They knew their beloved golden loved playing in the snow. So, they decided to record the dog’s last moments of joy, creating a unique memory. The dog was delighted with this turn of events. He behaved as if he had completely forgotten the ailments resulting from the illness from which he suffered.

last time dog go out snow

She showed internet users how she said goodbye to her dog

Riley made a particularly interesting video based on shots she recorded during a recent winter walk with her old golden retriever. The woman decided to share the result of her creative work on social networks. She hoped to provide emotional support to others dealing with the death of their beloved pet.

last time dog go out snow

Internet users were delighted with the woman’s approach. Many people have said they admire Riley’s strength of spirit and willingness to enjoy life even when it seems terribly difficult.


Our golden retriever has been battling cancer and we think he’s at the very end. We’ve been praying for one last snow day for him & it came true this morning. 😭♥️

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