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His life was saved and since then, the little dog hasn’t stopped smiling

Smile is an extraordinary dog who owes his name to the fact that the smile never leaves his face. She is also extremely charming and adorable. Although she didn’t have an easy life before, she never lost her cheerfulness. Thanks to this, he can be a great example for others. Get to know his amazing story that will make you cry.

Smile, that is to say an eternally smiling dog

Smile, although a very happy and wonderful dog, has not always had an easy life. The dog was born in an attic in Tijuana, Mexico, where for years she did not receive the love and care she needed. However, she has not lost her fighting spirit and her will to live. She hoped that everything would eventually change for the better. Her intuition was right as she was ultimately saved by No Dog Left Behind (NDLB).

life saved little dog smiling
No Dog Left Behind

She quickly made the entire staff fall in love with her

In her new home, she immediately welcomed her friends at the shelter with a smile from ear to ear. It has become his trademark. So much so that the dog made the entire staff fall in love. She also quickly became friends with the other animals at the shelter. She had a gift for seducing those around her.

life saved little dog smiling
No Dog Left Behind

Smile was rescued from her home in Tijuana along with 23 other dogs by the At-Choo Foundation in Toluca Lake, California. All of the dogs found there suffered from a painful skin disease, but luckily Smile’s case wasn’t that serious. She was then taken to No Dog Left Behind.

At first the dog was suspicious and shy, after all she was in a strange place, but later everything changed. We quickly discovered what a wonderful dog she was.

life saved little dog smiling
No Dog Left Behind

The dog’s personal charm made her fall especially in love with one of the shelter’s employees, Easley, who, without hesitation, immediately decided to take Smile under his wing, offering him a temporary home. There, the dog could regenerate and recover peacefully. She was happy when she could sleep in her caregiver’s bed!

life saved little dog smiling
No Dog Left Behind

So far, Smile has several adoption applications pending, so her friends at NDLB know she will go to a loving home once she is fully recovered. We are happy that everything is going in the right direction!

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