The Dog Does Not Understand Why This Little Human Does Not Throw The Ball To Him

little dog can't understand little human don't throw ball

An adorable and cuddly little dog, doesn’t understand why her new little sister doesn’t throw the ball at her and start playing with her.

Luna is an adorable little dog who was very excited about the pregnancy of her adoptive mother, María Fernanda Osterling, and even seemed to know what it meant. Thus, throughout the pregnancy, Luna always wanted to stay by Maria’s side to take care of her and protect her from any danger.

Plus, she knew she would soon have a new best friend and playmate, as everyone was looking forward to Martina’s birth.

Maria told The Dodo:

I was very curious if it would continue like this after Martina was born and was pleasantly surprised.

Dog can’t understand his new little sister

Dog with mom

As expected, when Martina was born, Luna did not hesitate to hug her with great enthusiasm, surprising her whole family with her adorable attitude. In fact, Luna seems to understand that Martina is her younger sister, and for this reason, she must be by her side to keep an eye on her.

Luna and mother

Maria added:

She treats her like her sister. She protects her, takes care of her and lies next to her when Martí sleeps.

But there’s something Luna still doesn’t quite understand is that Martina has to grow up first for the fun between them to begin.

Luna earring

Recently, Maria watched Luna as she entered the room with her blue ball in her mouth. A clear signal that you want to play. However, instead of giving the ball to one of her parents, Luna gave it to Martina, hoping her little sister would be able to throw it.

Luna can't understand

At that time, the dog did not realize that such a small baby did not have the ability to throw the ball, but she wanted to have fun.

María managed to record the curious moment and post it on her social media, to show people how innocent and special dogs are.

Even though Luna didn’t get the response she expected from her little sister, she seemed very happy to include her new friend in the playtime.

Maria commented:

It touched me a lot because it showed me that Luna loves Martina, even though Martina still can’t show her the same. I know that Luna loves her a lot, she wants to be with her and play.

Luna and Martina

Luckily, it won’t be long before Martina can really partake in Luna’s games and she’s looking forward to that moment.

Maria added:

I’m sure when Martina grows up they will be great friends and sisters.

inseparable sisters

Seeing how close Luna and Martina are is a sign of true love, and it goes without saying that they will have a great time for the rest of their lives.

Images: Instagram / mafeosterling


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