The Dog Categorically Refuses To Go Down The “Invisible” Stairs

little dog flatly refuses going down invisible stairs

This adorable six-month-old dog adamantly refuses to descend invisible stairs and must be carried at all times.

Luna is an adorable 6-month-old Samoyed dog, rather calm and fun. Like any puppy, nothing bothers her, she is quite carefree, except when it comes to going down the “invisible” stairs. Ella had no problem using the stairs before, so her mom didn’t think anything weird would happen and took her dog to her boyfriend’s house for the first time.

But as soon as Ella saw the glass staircase, she immediately froze and didn’t even consider taking another step. He couldn’t bear to see them, let alone download them; apparently, he immediately developed great fear in front of the glass staircase.

Emily, Luna’s mother, told The Dodo:

We first realized that the glass stairs at my boyfriend’s house were a problem when she refused to walk on them. Luckily, she didn’t mind being picked up, so she loved the extra cuddles. Unfortunately, I think we made it clear to him that he can be removed at any time.

The dog refuses to go down the invisible stairs

adorable fluffy dog

Along with her fear of getting off, Luna likes to be pampered and likes to be carried around like a helpless baby, so chances are she’s not really trying to overcome her fear.

She is simply enjoying the free ride in the arms of her loved ones.

Dog refuses to go down invisible stairs

Ella’s fear of invisible stairs gave her a free pass to pampering and helped her discover her love of being carried. Many people may believe that she doesn’t like being carried at all, because she’s a big, fluffy girl, so when they see her in their arms, it’s impossible not to laugh.

Emily says:

People think it’s adorable that he doesn’t want to come up. Plus, because she’s so calm when you pick her up, they’re surprised she likes it so much and stays so still.

Dog and his adoptive mother

Luna is definitely a happy girl and much loved by her family, and although she’s usually not afraid of almost anything, glass stairs will always be first on her list of what she doesn’t like, especially if it gives her a little more pleasure in dealing with it.

dog is afraid of stairs

You can enjoy a little more of Luna and her family’s adventures on her TikTok account.


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