Little Dog Who Lost His Best Friend Cuddles Up With A Toy That Looks Like Him

little dog lost best friend snuggle toy
Facebook / Big Ben and Tiny Tim

In 2016, an unbreakable bond was formed between two unlikely companions: Tiny Tim the Chihuahua and Big Ben the Great Pyrenees. As soon as they met, it seemed that fate had brought them together; their connection was so unique that nothing could stand in their way. Since then, Tim has been a much-loved member of Ben’s family, proving that friendship knows no bounds!

Jenny Leech, Tim and Ben’s mother, told The Dodo:

“Several times a day I would walk out into the living room and find Tim sound asleep on top of Ben.”

Although Tiny Tim and Big Ben were physical opposites, one being tall and the other short, their friendship outweighed any difference in size. For six magical years, the best friends enjoyed each other’s company day after day, a bond that not even time could break.

A dog has lost his best friend and snuggles up to a toy that looks like him

little dog lost best friend snuggle toy
Facebook / Big Ben and Tiny Tim

Jenny says that in the early years, when Ben was a little more nimble, he would lay on the couch and Tim would lie right on top of him.

Even when they weren’t curled up on the couch napping, this amazing duo were inseparable. They did everything together, like swimming and begging food from the family at the table.

Jenny enjoyed watching Tim and Ben connect, and she believed their friendship could bring joy to others. That’s why he created social media accounts for them, so he could share their vital experiences with the world. Before long, they had tens of thousands of fans fascinated by their bond.

When Tim joined the family, Ben was 7 years old. Gradually, this kind-hearted giant began to have mobility problems. Although he gave his brother space when it seemed like something was wrong, Tim always stayed close.

little dog lost best friend snuggle toy
Facebook / Big Ben and Tiny Tim

Jenny said:

“I think Tim sensed a change in him. Instead of his usual escalation over Ben’s antics, Tim was nicer and just took a nap or sat next to him.”

On the night of December 24, 2022, a stroke tragically strikes Ben. The next morning his condition worsened and he passed away at the age of 13½, with his adored people by his side, we can take comfort in knowing that Ben crossed the rainbow bridge surrounded of his relatives.

little dog lost best friend snuggle toy
Facebook / Big Ben and Tiny Tim

When Jenny shared the devastating news of Ben’s death on her and Tim’s social media, a wave of sadness swept through her followers. Beth, an Ohioan who followed Jenny online, was particularly moved by the tragedy. To show his support for Tim during his grief, he sent him a special gift.

Jenny added:

“She sent him this huge stuffed dog. And from the moment I put him on the couch, Tim claimed it.”

To his amazement, moments after placing the stuffed animal on the couch, Tim jumped onto his back like he used to do with Ben. He snuggled into her softness and fell asleep. The woman decided not to move him from the seat and soon he began to see an all too familiar scene every day.

Jenny remembered going into the living room and Tim was on top of Ben on the couch. She was touched when she saw Tim hugging the stuffed dog like it was Ben himself. He felt a pang of grief for his missing companion, but he understood that this toy was helping him in his grieving process.

little dog lost best friend snuggle toy
Facebook / Big Ben and Tiny Tim

Despite the adorable image of Tim snuggling up to his stuffed dog, Jenny can see he’s doing just fine, even better than she expected. He is doing very well and does not seem to have any problems.

Tim’s stuffed dog lingers on the sofa, and every time Jenny watches him sleep peacefully on his back, she thinks she could dream of those good days spent with Ben. Although they are no longer physically together, their bond will remain unbreakable for eternity.

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