Little Girl Gives Up Christmas Gifts To Help Animals

Tri-Cities Animal Shelter & Control Services Christmas gift Landyn Wadsworth

Landyn Wadsworth is a little girl of just 8 years old who is dedicated to helping homeless dogs and cats in her community.

A few years ago, Landyn Wadsworth visited a shelter for the first time and she was very sad to see that there were hundreds of animals that should spend Christmas without a family.

Landyn lives in the city of Pasco in Washington, United States.

Tri-Cities Animal Shelter & Control Services Christmas gift Landyn Wadsworth

It affected her so much that the little girl was very sad for several weeks. It was then that she had an idea and since then, she has not stopped looking for solutions to help shelter the animals. Landyn dedicates each December to make a truly inspiring contribution.

“The only thing she asked for Christmas was to help her donate. It seems that his wish has come true. “

Instead of asking for Christmas toys and gifts like any other child his age, Landyn is campaigning for animals.

All she wanted was money to buy food and other things that the animals might need. She worked so hard that she made a donation that will change the lives of many animals.

“We are very grateful for all the help. Dogs and cats will have a wonderful Christmas. – Tri-Cities Animal Shelter & Control Services.

And Landyn still has a lot of work to do. Just one day after delivering what she had collected this year, she started raising funds to be able to make a much bigger gift in 2020. There is no doubt that this little girl is an example to everyone and will have a great impact on society.

Landyn delivered over 200 kilos of food.

Tri-Cities Animal Shelter & Control Services Christmas gift Landyn Wadsworth

A picture shows how much bigger the pile of food she has collected is than her. In addition to purchasing several bags of food, Landyn also delivered a huge bag of medical supplies.

All donations went to the Tri-Cities Animal Shelter.

It seems hard to believe that a child is ready to give up his toys, clothes and all kinds of luxuries. Just to help others. The generous Landyn Wadsworth is undoubtedly on the list of children who have behaved very well this year.

What do you think of the huge heart of this little girl? Share this story with your family and friends to thank all the help this little girl has given to homeless dogs and cats.

Images: Tri-Cities Animal Shelter & Control Services

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