Big-Eyed Little Cat Is Living The Best Life After Being Found

little kitten big eyes live better life

A small cat with big eyes was in a veterinary clinic in Las Vegas, Nevada (USA). She was found alone, with a brain injury and in very poor condition. She was unable to lift her head and suffered from severe malnutrition and dehydration.

She was around nine weeks old when she was found, but due to malnutrition she looked like a three-week-old baby. Thanks to the care of the veterinary team, the little feline began to thrive and was already raising its head.

Danielle, founder of With Grace, is an animal rescuer with her husband. He was at the veterinary clinic for another cat when he learned of the case of the little feline.

Danielle told Love Meow:

We saw this adorable little nugget and felt an instant attraction to her.

Big-eyed little kitty lives a good life when found

sweet kitten and human
little kitten

The little girl was receiving veterinary care when the couple first saw her. At home they kept thinking about the little girl with the bulging eyes and after a few days they got a call from the veterinary clinic.

Danielle said:

She found out that this baby was wide-eyed and asked me if I wanted to take her in. And of course, I said, ‘Yes!’

Little kitten with big eyes

The woman’s husband was very happy and immediately decided to call her Luna because of her big eyes. He picked her up from the clinic and bought her a bed in the shape of a pineapple so that she could sleep comfortably; At 12 weeks, the tiny Moon was barely half her size for her age.

big eyed kitty
Little kitty with big eyes

The little kitten was so small that her eyes stood out like two huge moons; he had a long way to go, suffering from a heart murmur due to malnutrition and a difficult case of ringworm as well as a fungal infection.

Danielle commented:

Once we started putting weight on him, his face filled out and looked well proportioned. His days of malnutrition are behind him. You’ll never go hungry again.

kitten with huge eyes

After several months of care by her foster family, little Luna made great progress, she was recovered and very active. He managed to overcome ringworm and heart murmur. Danielle says she still has tremors in her head; This usually happens when she’s locked up and focused on something, but that doesn’t stop her from being playful and restless.

Kitten in her bed
kitten on the furniture

Danielle loves his jokes. She added:

She’s an eccentric idiot that you can’t help but love. Play hard and sleep hard (actually the head of the bed is made). She has a favorite toy that she drags around with her.

gray eyed kitten

Luna made an amazing recovery, starting from zero and now she is a restless kitten. When he gets a new toy, he gets very excited and plays himself to death.

Danielle adds:

When we first caught her, she couldn’t jump. It took her months to regain her balance, but once she did, nothing stopped her.

When Luna was fully recovered and ready to find her forever, a family in Massachusetts (USA) fell in love with the feline.

Danielle mentioned:

It’s been a long journey for this little girl. Luna is a comedian and will keep her family laughing all the time.

Beautiful kitten posing
playful kitten

Her new mom is so happy to have her home, and she’s enjoying every moment with the little cat. She considers herself perfect for her family; Luna now even has a sister named Lani and they get along very well together.

kitten with pretty eyes

Danielle feels very happy for Luna and although she misses her, she knows that the feline has found a wonderful place to live. She says all of this work is about doing the right thing for these little ones.

Danielle said:

She is so loved. That’s what it’s all about, that’s my salary. He is truly living his happily ever after.

beautiful adult cat

You can learn more about the work of the shelter run by Danielle on her Instagram account and even donate to help kittens with special needs on her website

Images: Instagram / withgracerescue

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