The little kitten was saved by workers. Time passes, but for him it seems to have stopped. He suffers from a rare disease

little kitten saved by workers / @francisandmaggie

More than ten years ago, a family adopted a little cat. After a few weeks, they realized that it was a special quadruped. It doesn’t show the passage of time at all. Despite his great age, he still looks like a little kitten.

A little cat wandered on the construction site

More than ten years ago, a team of workers found a small kitten on a construction site. The animal was smaller than a closed fist. The men handed the baby over to the family, who decided to take care of him forever.

The kitten looked like a regular dachshund. His new guardians thought he was so small because he was born recently. They named him Francis. They were delighted with the new member of the family. He brought a lot of joy and tenderness to the house.

However, as time went on, Francis’ guardians began to wonder if everything was okay with their new pet.

There was one thing that worried them a lot.

little kitten saved by workers / @francisandmaggie

Caregivers were worried about the cat who wasn’t growing at all

Over time, the adoptive family became very worried about Francis. It is true that the toddler did not show by his behavior that there was anything wrong with him. But the weeks passed and his little body barely grew.

The kitten’s guardians took him to the vet. After detailed tests, the specialist had good news to tell them. Francis’ life was not in danger, but he was undoubtedly special.

The kitten was born with a genetic defect commonly known as dwarfism. This is why Francis, even when he was a little kitten, was much smaller than other dogs his age.

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Francis attracts the attention of many people

Francis is now a senior cat, but still looks like he was just born. Looking at this dog, you might believe that time has stopped. It’s impossible to deny that Francis’ dwarfism gives him a unique charm.

However, his guardians emphasize that it is a genetic mutation which must not be perpetuated. Therefore, breeding cats with this defect is not recommended, although many people would certainly be willing to purchase kittens.

However, it is worth admiring the charm of senior Francis. The quadruped has its own account on social networks, where it has many fans.

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