Big-Eyed Tiny Kitten Clings To The Family That Saved His Life

little kitten with big eyes clings family

Beth, a Kitty Kottage volunteer, was told of a tiny 99 gram kitten with big eyes in dire need of help. When Beth saw the cat, she was really surprised at how small he was, despite being three weeks old.

The kitten was the size of a newborn baby and the mother rejected it due to its condition. The little boy was in desperate need of bottle feeding, special care and lots of love.

Beth told Love Meow:

He was a fighter since he had survived three weeks in the state he was in. I didn’t know if he would be able to see.

Little kitten with big eyes clings to the family who saved him

Little kitten with big eyes

The kitten named Guinness had difficulty feeding from bottle and syringe, so he was drip-fed for the first few days. Beth and her family went to great lengths to make sure he had food in his stomach and they filled him with lots of hugs the whole time. Her favorite place to take a nap was on Beth’s neck.

The little kitten’s eyes cleared up and her appetite improved. Now he ate in large quantities and his predilection for the attention of his humans was also growing.

Kitten with big eyes

Guinness was still very small, but he had a stunning pair of beautiful blue eyes. He was very fond of cuddling and insisted on having long periods of care with his humans after each meal.

Beth says:

“It was wrapped up like a little burrito. He stuck his head inside and crawled outside when he woke up. He’s been so strong since the day I caught him.”

Little white kitten

In his first month, he was still half his size for his age, but the gentle blue-eyed feline was a great fighter and was focused on advancing his process, doing his best to continue to grow strong.

Adorable baby kitten

When the leg muscles grew with strength, he did not hesitate to use all four legs. Little Guinness discovered how to play with toys and every day he was more adventurous and playful.

Kitten in the window

It took a while for the little kitten with big eyes to grow to the right size and weight. He was still a bit short, but what he lacked in size he made up for in personality and gentleness.

Beth adds:

“When Guinness really likes what makes him purr, he doesn’t just purr, he squeals.”

Beautiful kitten with big eyes

Guinness is a pretty talkative boy and always seems to tell a story to his family.

Her mother said happily:

“He was checking out the view from my bedroom window, and was not pleased a vehicle had the audacity to drive by! He was quick to give them a piece of his mind”

Kitten and her toys

“He always sleeps on our bed. He went from sleeping between our heads to sleeping between one of our legs”

The adorable boy quickly grew into a teenage cat, and now his personality has blossomed. Guinness makes her house very entertaining and her little quirks keep her parents very busy.

It’s been about a year since Guinness arrived with his family. Over time, he has grown into a beautiful, cheerful and curious cat.

Beautiful young cat

Beth said:

“He was only 99 grams when I was three weeks old when I just got him. I never imagined it would become what it is.”

Adorable cat

You can enjoy Guinness and his adventures by visiting his Instagram account.

Images: Instagram / The_kitten_guinness

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