Little Three-Legged Kitten Recovers And Perseveres After Being Found

little three-legged kitten recovers

A kind-hearted person in Southern California, USA, found a litter of three kittens next to a dumpster. The cats were very small and desperately needed special help and attention.

At the time, the kittens appeared to be about a week old and one of them had lost one of its legs. The person who found them immediately took them to an emergency clinic so that the little ones received good medical care.

The three kittens were very young and would need round-the-clock care. The veterinary staff therefore decided to seek help for them at the local rescue centres.

Amanda Hodder, founder of Kitten Rescue Life, told Love Meow:

“That’s how we found out about the request for help.”

The little three-legged kitten recovers and perseveres

little three-legged kitten recovers

The little calico kitten, named Petal, had lost half of its paw. The feline had a serious wound infection that would be life-threatening if not treated quickly. One of his brothers also had an infection in the umbilical cord.

Amanda says:

“We immediately took them to our cat vet, who made the decision to operate on Petal’s leg right away.”

little three-legged kitten recovers

Amanda waited anxiously for news outside in her car as they performed the surgery. After a while, he received a call from the vet, who assured him that Petal was recovering satisfactorily from the procedure.

The woman adds:

“Petal was only a week old and only five ounces. The recommended age and weight for surgery and anesthesia is two pounds and two months. Our vet did not make this decision lightly, she knew it was a life or death situation for her.”

little three-legged kitten recovers

The little calico kitten showed great strength and was soon standing on her three legs and of course began to demand attention from those around her. Within days, her wound was completely healed and she was ready to come out of her nest and play like a naughty little girl.

Amanda recalls:

“I walked in and was able to give her a bottle. She knew at that moment the worst was behind her and she would be fine.”

little three-legged kitten recovers

Sure, Petal is a bit more capricious than her siblings, but that doesn’t stop her from doing whatever she wants. She insists on doing everything like her brothers and continues to strengthen her muscles and work on her balance to keep running and discovering the world.

When the little kitten is a little older, he will undergo a second operation on his leg to ensure a better quality of life. She is a very brave and adventurous girl and apparently knows no bounds.

little three-legged kitten recovers

Amanda says:

“He has a very spunky nature. She’s silly and playful with her siblings, but she also cuddles up to your chest or shoulder and enjoys cuddling moments. He recently got his tail back and loves chasing it!”

little three-legged kitten recovers

You can get updates on Petal and the various rescues performed by the rescue center by visiting their Facebook and Instagram pages.

Images: Facebook / Kitten Rescue Life

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