She locked 9 dogs in her car when it was 111 degrees outside. Not all were saved

locked 9 dogs car 111 degrees outside

Dogs, compared to humans, are much more sensitive to high temperatures. Therefore, in the summer period, you need to observe them carefully and in no case leave them in spaces that heat up quickly, for example, in the car. Even fifteen minutes spent in a hot car can be a direct cause of death for a dog. Unfortunately, despite numerous awareness campaigns, many owners still make this mistake. Nine dogs were found in a Las Vegas parking lot. The story ended tragically.

There were 9 dogs in the hot car

In one of the parking lots in Las Vegas, near Motel 6, random passers-by came across a car in which no less than 9 dogs were locked. That day, the outside air temperature exceeded 111 degrees. In such conditions, no quadruped should stay in a parked car for even a few minutes.

Police were immediately called, who upon arrival smashed the car windows and began to pull the dogs out. There was no time to search for the owner, every second was of great importance.

It turned out that among the animals there were both adults and puppies. But that wasn’t the worst of it all.

Not all dogs were saved

Despite the express reaction of the police, it was too late for some dogs. Among the animals were two pit bull-type puppies, which unfortunately did not survive the conditions inside the car. They were dead.

The other seven dogs were rescued. They had water. Each individual was very thirsty. Subsequently, the entire herd was secured and transported to an air-conditioned facility. After these procedures, the search for the person responsible for this cruel act began.

The search did not last long. It turned out that the female owner of all the specimens was nearby. The animals had been in the vehicle unattended for at least thirty minutes.

Woman heard 9 animal abuse charges

It turned out that Katrina Brazil, the owner of quadrupeds locked in a car, runs a pseudo-kennel of dogs. Even though animals are her source of income, she didn’t really care that she left them in a hot car, which resulted in the death of two puppies.

The woman will appear in court on nine counts of animal abuse. It will be charged separately for each dog left in the car. Also, Brazil is no longer allowed to own animals. In addition, it has an official ban on all contact with animals.

Everywhere, you can also come across dogs locked in the car in hot weather. In such situations, you must react immediately. Then the most reasonable solution is to call the police and consult them on other actions.

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