Lonely Kitten Thrives With Help From Other Cats, Finds Her Dream Family

lonely kitten thrives finds family

Adorable lonely kitten is thriving with the help and love of other cats and her foster family, now she has a forever home.

An adorable lonely kitten was taken to the Mini Cat Town shelter in San Jose, California (USA). The little girl needed a bath, care and a foster home to thrive. Laura Malone, from the shelter, did not hesitate to help him immediately.

The kitten, which they named Roz, was covered in dust and after the bath she regained her light gray color. Her fur was going all over the place and her huge paws made her adorable. Roz had no idea how to interact with people and she had no limits when it came to acting, she was quite a restless furball.

Laura told Love Meow:

“She purred loudly as soon as she saw me and loved sitting on my lap as I stroked her. Roz is a character. He loves people and isn’t scared at all. He likes to ‘knead ‘ fiercely as if his life depended on it.”

A lonely kitten thrives with the help of other cats

rescued kitten

Roz was full of energy, and she didn’t know how to handle all her excitement and desire to play. She went from being a lonely kitten to having a new opportunity and friends; was so happy. So Laura and her family started teaching her how to calm all that energy charge she was carrying with her.

adorable baby kitten

She adds :

“He liked to playfully pinch and scratch. He was a crazy little dynamo. He made little squeaks and giggles as he zigzagged around a pen.”

Mochi, Laura’s resident cat, stepped in to help the little miscreant. She taught him how to deal with all that emotion and energy and showed him the games he had at home and how calm cat life was.

Laura assures:

“He’s been very helpful and patient with this little guy.”

Rescued Kitten and Senior Cat

Blueberry, Laura’s Siamese cat, wasn’t about to deal with all the little furball madness and set some rules for little Roz.

The woman said:

“Unlike Mochi, he won’t try to be a ‘cool guy’ to any of those fur babies. He was teaching Roz to respect his boundaries. I was surprised he actually listened.”

lovable lonely kitty

With the help of Laura and her resident cats, little Roz has learned to manage all her energy; he began to be gentler with people and to be pampered.

beautiful lonely kitten

Laura says Roz is quite naughty, but when she finally calms down, her purrs and caresses are worth everything.

adorable playful kitten

When Roz was finally ready to find her perfect home, it was clear she needed some company to play with and a friend to play with.

Laura added:

“With her high energy and super smart personality, we knew she would need a kitty friend who could keep up!”

Kitten and his older brother

Maansi, who lives in San Francisco, was then looking for companionship for her cat Merlin, when she saw Roz on Instagram and fell completely in love with the little girl. He knew his restless personality would be good for Merlin.

Maansi said:

“Merlin is such an energetic kitty and we thought he could use a playmate.”

Beautiful kittens on the window

Roz has moved to her new home and is now called Pari. The little girl quickly felt at home and got along perfectly with her new brother Merlin. They both share the same level of enthusiasm and go around their house together doing all sorts of mischief.

Mansi added:

“Pari was still very young, so Merlin played the role of big brother, teaching her how to use the litter box and groom her. In return, she provided him with endless entertainment and became his trusted accomplice in his misdeeds.”

Kittens taking a nap

When their energy is low, they tend to huddle together and take power naps. Their mother assures that in recent months they have filled their house with joy and lots of fun, and she is very happy to see how they take care of each other.

Pari has stopped being a lonely kitten and has found the place where she belongs and no doubt, she is truly happy with her family; he’s a completely happy kitty.

beautiful kittens together

If you want to enjoy the adventures of Pari and his brother Merlin, you can go to their Instagram account. To learn more about the work of Mini Cat Town and their rescues, you can visit their Facebook and Instagram accounts, where they post updates on the various cases they are dealing with.

Images: Instagram / fosterkittyfamily

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