A Lonely Shelter Dog Sticks Her Paw Through The Bars To Hold Hands With Everyone She Meets

lonely shelter dog sticks her paw through the bars

Eden has always been very sweet. When she was a stray dog, she slept under a tree and people went to leave her food, she received them with great happiness. Now that she’s been rescued, this furry girl hopes to be adopted and as she sticks out her paw to greet anyone passing by.

Suzette Hall, founder of animal organization Logan’s Legacy, doesn’t know what led Eden to live under a tree in California, USA. What he does know is that when he came to rescue her, the dog had been there for a long time.

lonely shelter dog sticks her paw through the bars

“She was under that tree for many weeks, she didn’t want to leave there,” the woman explained. People visited the furry one and left her food, but no one adopted her or took her to a shelter. So as soon as Hall heard about the sweet little dog who needed help, he went looking for him.

Eden received her with joy, according to Suzette the dog knew it was time to stop living under the tree”. She was placed in her own cabin at the shelter to rest and sleep, where she spent most of his time curled up in bed, but one day he stuck his paw through the fence.

lonely shelter dog sticks her paw through the bars

Since then, the little girl has not stopped doing this. Suzette says, “She just wants to hold your hand. She takes your hand and then screams in a very affectionate way, as if to say “I love you”. Although Eden has received numerous leg shakes, she has yet to find a forever home.

The furry one doesn’t get along very well with other puppies because being alone for so long has made him suspicious of other animals. There are trainers at the shelter who are working with her to start feeling more comfortable with other dogs, but it will take a long time. For this reason, they seek a home where there are no other furry animals.

Here is a video of Eden sticking out her paw:

There is no doubt that this adorable dog will soon know how to conquer someone’s heart and that they will adopt her. With her sweet personality, someone will surely give her the home she so deserves.

Images: Suzette Hall

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