Lost Dog Gets On Buses Hoping To Find His Owner

Lost dog gets bus hope find owner

It has always been said that a dog’s love is unconditional, and this was proven after a stray dog ​​story went viral on Facebook. The apparently lost animal was seen by several people as it boarded the buses to find its owner.

The dog can usually be found on Avenida Carlos Izaguirre with Panamericana Norte, in Lima, Peru, while waiting for public transport buses to stop.

When the buses stop, the dog begins to inspect, perhaps hoping he can locate its owner.

A lost dog is looking for its owner

Lost dog

The presence of the dislocated animal attracted a lot of attention from passers-by who usually use the bus stop, located at the address described above.

For this reason, several people had the idea to photograph the dog and post it on social networks, to help find his family. The post was seen by many Internet users, who hope that his relatives can locate him and that he can be saved from the cold streets.

Lost gringo

While the post had a huge reach on Facebook, for the first few days no one spoke about the lost animal. Thus, the dog continued to be seen in the same place and to perform the same routine, with faith in his goal.

Maybe his family were looking for him too, but due to the restrictions caused by the coronavirus everything is getting more difficult.

Facebook users and passers-by are still shocked by the dog’s reaction to the search for his family, and hope he finds them soon. He has a huge heart and unconditional love for his family, as he does not rest and clings to the hope of coming back among them.

Dog looking for an owner

Fortunately, after several days, Ale Nolli Vargas saw the post in a Facebook group and stated that the dog was his and his name was “Gringo”. He has been missing for several weeks and was last seen in Comas district, and since then it is not known where he is, they have been looking everywhere for him.

lost dog Searching owner

Ale immediately went there, but unfortunately he waited and searched for him for several hours, but he was unlucky and could not find his beloved companion. She asked for help via Facebook, where she made a post with her personal information, in case anyone saw them again.

Gringo on the buses

Although she still couldn’t meet Gringo, Ale doesn’t lose the illusion that someone will help her reconnect with her partner. We hope that Gringo’s situation will be resolved soon and that he can reunite with his beloved family who he misses so much.

dog and family

Remember, if you find a lost dog, you can help them not only by taking a photo to upload to social media, but you can also try and help them by providing them with a temporary home while their family appear.

Images: Facebook / Ale Nolli Vargas/Perros perdidos y Adopciones Perú

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