Lost Dog Goes To His Vet To Ask Him To Help Him Get Home

lost dog goes vet help get home

When a dog is lost, like any being, he feels hopeless and fearful when he cannot find a way to reunite with his loved ones. However, few things are impossible for a determined and intelligent hairy guy like the one in this story.

A few months ago, a little dog in Thailand went through a terrifying situation when he inadvertently separated from his foster family and couldn’t find his way home, but this little one was really very cunning; he located his vet to ask him to help him get home.

It’s unclear how long he was on the streets wandering around asking for help. The truth is, he is a very intelligent dog who has found the best way to get home.

Lost dog arrives with his vet to help him get home

Lost dog at vet

According to The Dodo, the little black dog made it to the Putahracsa veterinary clinic, where he was vaccinated a long time ago.

In a video from the clinic’s security camera, the frightened dog can be seen patiently waiting for them to notice his presence around the premises.

Fortunately, the people at the clinic recognized it, the cunning dog had come to the right place for help. People at the clinic called her adoptive family who were very worried about their mischievous boyfriend.

Dog seeks help

This dog’s cunning is truly surprising, he asked for help when he couldn’t find a way home.

The clinic shared the child’s experience online and wrote:

The owner is happy. The dog is happy.

Images: Putahracsa veterinary clinic

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