Lucy and Lilly, How My Cats Helped Me Treat My Depression


Doctors say that people with cats are much less likely to go to hospitals. Cats supposedly feel where the owner is hurt and try to lie down on this place, taking away the disease and negative energy. Some owners notice that cats accurately identify the sore spot and begin to massage, stepping from paw to paw. Another way to deal with the owner’s ailment is to purr. It was found that the frequency of vibration of the rumbling of cats is between 22 and 44 hertz, these are the most healing waves.

Lucy Lilly Cats Help Treat Depression Ilka
Cats are the unsung heroes of mental health

Scientists confirms that, a cat heals only when she loves a person, all her actions are based on feelings. Therefore, you cannot go out into the street, find a cat, attach to a sore spot and wait for the pain to pass.

This is the true story of a woman who was suffering depression for a while.

A cat named Lucy, a Lucy the 3 colored Maine coon cat, who looks incredibly fluffy, helped her owner Ilka through a difficult period. And although this cat differs from his cheerful counterparts, who sometimes even seem to don’t bother themselves with humans, Lucy managed to make the life of her owner much better.

Lucy and her owner Ilka live in the Swiss city of Solothurn. Ilka works as a marketing specialist, and her cat has been a real celebrity at least for the local community, when Ilka talked to her friends about Lucy, and how she helped her get over the depression she was facing.

Ilka told Pets Feed:

“I got Lucy 8 years ago as a kitten. I had trouble being on my own and she basically saved my life with her loving being. She is a very sensitive cat, a cheese lover and pretty good at catching butterflies.”

Few months later, Ilka decided to add another cat to her home, so that Lucy will have some company, but things weren’t that easy for everybody in the house.

Ilka added:

“7 years ago, I added Lilly, a grey British longhair cat to our family. Lucy wasn’t exactly happy. Lucy was and still is very jealous when I’m giving attention to Lilly. But over the years they both learned to accept each other. Lilly is a very clever cat who loves to play and jump. We exercise every day and she doesn’t leave my side. We share a very special bond. “

Both Lucy and Lilly have a common buddy, a squirrel named Dieter. They don’t see him often, but when they do, they are very excited.

Ilka has an incentive to get out of bed in the morning, because now it is necessary to feed the cats. Over time, Ilka found the strength to put things in order in her life.

Ilka added:

“Having cats changed my life to the better. I’m now waking up with a smile every single day and I even found the man of my dreams…my crazy cat man.”

You can follow the adventures of Lucy and Lilly on: Instagram | Facebook | Youtube

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