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Malinois is the ideal shepherd, guard, police dog. This shepherd dog is prized for its endurance and hard work. The main thing for this animal is to have a job. Surprisingly, idleness and boredom spoils the character of the Malinois.

Malinois dog

Malinois, like all shepherd dogs, are very intelligent, not prone to aggressiveness and are easy to train, despite some independence.

The Malinois is the dog that gave Belgian shepherds the qualification of “Formula 1 dogs”. Because of their psychological characteristics and their physical capacities. He also demonstrated his superiority compared to other varieties of Belgian shepherd. It is an exceptionally intelligent and surprising dog. Raised as a working dog, the Malinois is a real workaholic in the canine world. He will perfectly fulfill the task you ask him, but in return, he will want time by your side and dynamism to follow him.

With a similar appearance to that of the German Shepherd, it is smaller and thinner, but also more active. Its versatility makes it ideal as a sheepdog, guardian, policeman or rescue dog. And at home, he will get along very well with the little ones. In this breed sheet of ‘ Pets Feed ‘ we will detail with you different aspects to consider if you want to adopt a Malinois.

To put an example, this dog needs to exercise daily, and precisely this factor does not make it suitable for any type of family, it requires an active and stimulating person at his side to guarantee his happiness. Then, we will detail with you the characteristics of the character of the Malinois, and his known health problems, read more:

Breed history

Malinois belongs to the four types of Belgian Shepherd dogs. The birthplace of dogs is Belgium, they were bred in the Flemish region, in the vicinity of Mechelen. Uninformed people might think because of the name of the breed that Malinois is from France, but this is not so. Malinois is rightfully considered the national breed of Belgium.

The first shepherd dogs appeared in Belgium through the efforts of nature and shepherds. Belgians were considered ideal helpers for grazing livestock. But over time, the use of these dogs has expanded significantly.

At first, appreciating the virtues of Malinois, several enthusiasts began to improve them. At that time, the efforts of connoisseurs of the breed created a small tribal club. The best producers who did not have documents, but had an excellent exterior, were used in breeding.

As a result, the breed representatives deservedly gained popularity as service dogs, shepherd dogs, police dogs, guide dogs and bloodhound dogs. In terms of their working qualities, they outperformed even German shepherds.

In 1898, the first club of breed connoisseurs was created on an official basis. Interestingly, the name Malinois was adopted 20 years after the start of breeding. The Belgian Shepherds became famous for their hard work, obedience and devotion.

Malinois dog

Malinois need training and constant attention from the owner.

Physical characteristics of the Malinois

Malinois is a medium sized dog. This is a muscular, flexible animal. Females have a more elongated physique; males differ in a more square format. The weight of adults is 25-30 kg., Height is about 61-66 cm.

A neck with a beautiful bend, but powerful at the same time, there should be no wrinkles on the neck. A slightly elongated head rests on it. Ears are open, triangular in shape, raised high. Eyes are brown, almond-shaped. The look is lively, smart, attentive. The nose is smooth, the nose is large, black. Scissor bite.

The physique is strong, the back is flat and wide. The shoulder girdle is powerful, the chest is deep, not too wide. The tail is wide, with a bent tip. Malinois does not raise it above the line of the back. The limbs are smooth, muscular, and the hips are wide. Sweeping movements, the appearance of springiness of the paws is created.

The main difference between Malinois and other types of Belgian Shepherd Dog is the coat. The coat of representatives of this breed is short. Hair tight, not too stiff. There is a collar on the neck, on the tail is not very magnificent. The undercoat is dense, well developed. Such wool reliably protects the shepherd from natural precipitation.

The color of the coat is red with a charcoal, tan or reddish-brown hue. The color should not be too saturated or too light, it is called warm, deer. Malinois ears are dark, a black mask is observed on the muzzle.

Malinois need training and constant attention from the owner.

Malinois needs to run a minimum of 6-7 km per day for proper bone development

Character and temperament of the Malinois

The Malinois may well be the most active and tireless of all Belgian shepherds. It is a very intelligent dog with a courage difficult to overcome. Its abundant mental qualities make it a very easy dog ​​to train and train. In addition, it responds beautifully to all techniques that include positive reinforcement as a basis.

We are talking about an extremely loyal and kind dog with his loved ones. Proper education and socialization can affect all kinds of people and pets. The Malinois is not a breed for those who want “just a dog”. He is a faithful and affectionate companion who will protect your home and your family.

Malinois can be called friendly and playful, but these character traits only appear to family members. This Belgian shepherd dog is loyal to the owner, but contact must be made with it, the dog must have a trusting relationship. This is a dog that is capable of making decisions when it comes to protection. Noticing the threat, the dog fearlessly rushes to eliminate it.

The energy of Malinois seems to be inexhaustible. Until the age of five, such a pet behaves like a puppy in a house. His activity without proper education becomes destructive. As a toy, the dog will definitely try to use pillows, shoes, furniture, curtains … Physical punishment in this case will not help, you just need to distract the pet with real toys. Over time, he will understand how to play with impunity.

This shepherd is tolerant of children, but you should not leave the Malinois with the kids alone. He distrusts strangers, trying not to take his eyes off the stranger. With pets, Malinois gets along, but will never allow itself to lead and infringe on its interests. The dominance is not in its character, so that it is possible to contain two males together, there will be no special conflict between them.

Malinois puppies are very active, curious and playful.


Malinois is naturally considered a healthy dog. The average life expectancy is 12-14 years. There is a predisposition to certain diseases in representatives of the breed, but many problems can be avoided with proper care, feeding, timely vaccination. It is also important to conduct regular preventive examinations in a veterinary clinic and treatment for parasites.

No matter how well looked after the pet, some diseases cannot be prevented. The owner should know what health problems are most common in Malinois:

  • Cataracts are an eye condition that can lead to vision loss.
  • Joint dysplasia – characterized by severe pain, in the acute stage requires surgical intervention.
  • Allergy – you need to detect an allergen and eliminate it. The allergen may be food or animal care products.
  • Epilepsy – leads to convulsions, involuntary bowel movements. The disease can and must be controlled.
  • Inversion of the stomach is a serious condition, surgery is needed to save the animal.
  • Obesity – arises from malnutrition, inactivity. It leads to metabolic disorders and other health problems.

It is important to ensure that Malinois is not injured. This dog is very active, during jogging, jumping and with other physical exertion, he can get injured.

Malinois dog


Although the Malinois can adapt to living in an apartment, it would be ideal to offer him a spacious house so that he can play sports. This dog wastes energy, so it is essential to get lots of exercise and long walks each day.

Practicing canine sports can help channel excess energy from these dogs. Although canine training is necessary for any dog, it is even more so for a Malinois. The Malinois need at least two hours a day of exercise and mental stimulation. He is very easy to train and can be distinguished by his agility, obedience and other canine “sports”. They are very active dogs and should not be considered as pets if they are alone all day.

Malinois dog


Ideal conditions for the maintenance of Malinois is a private house and a personal plot. On the site there is a spacious aviary with a warmed booth and there is a fence so that it is possible to let the dog run for fun during the day and protect the territory at night. The shepherd is created for protection, so the Malinois dog will be happy in such a job.

Now many contain Malinois as a companion dog, or a guide dog. Participate with a pet in various competitions and prefer that he lives in a house or in an apartment. There is nothing forbidden in such a decision. The shepherd dog can feel comfortable with apartment maintenance, but the owner must provide it with daily physical activity.

We walk Malinois twice a day. At the same time, for at least two hours, the dog repeats the training lessons with the owner, runs, jumps, plays with the ball, etc. A normal walk at a slow pace will not allow this shepherd dog to use up the accumulated energy. Dissatisfied, bored Malinois is able to spoil furniture in the house and other household property.

Leaving the dog alone, provide it with toys. If you have the slightest opportunity, take it with you for jogging, for bike rides, for picnics. Malinois will be happy to accompany the hosts everywhere, if only to be in motion and in the fresh air.

Be sure to carry out the following dog care procedures:

  • Every 10-14 days, comb out the hair with a comb or a special glove. During molting, combing is required daily. If dead hair is not completely removed, skin inflammation can occur, which in turn will lead to skin diseases.
  • Bathe 1 time in 3-5 months. For water procedures, special tools are required. A dog may suffer skin damage from accidental detergents. Malinois has a very dense undercoat, so skin problems are not noticeable in the first stage, and in the last it is extremely difficult and painful for the dog to get rid of the disease.
  • Once every 12-14 days, we clean, wipe, while inspecting the ears and eyes. Having found excessive accumulations of secretions, damage or redness, we turn to the veterinarian.
  • Cut the nails as they grow back, about once a month.
  • For teeth brushing, we feed Malinois with special sticks, bones or cartilage. Although it is quite possible to clean with a paste and a brush, having accustomed a puppy to this procedure from a puppy’s age.
Malinois dog


Malinois nutrition must be taken very responsibly. Such an active dog should receive a complete diet, which includes a variety of foods and a sufficient amount of vitamins, minerals.

In order for the shepherd to replenish the energy reserve, Malinois needs proteins. It is a mistake to think that meat completely replenishes the protein part of the diet. Meat products must be supplemented with vegetable proteins. Also, for carbohydrates, carbohydrates and fats are important.

If you decide to feed the Malinois with dry food, consult a specialist. The veterinarian will help you choose the right food for your dog. In any case, the pet should always have access to fresh, cool water.

Good quality nutrition for Malinois is the key to a strong skeleton and beautiful coat. The owner can choose dry food, in this case it is necessary to buy only the premium class. Cheap ground baits destroy the walls of a dog’s stomach and negatively affect the liver.

In a natural diet, proteins, fats and complex carbohydrates must be present, which are contained in:

• Meat (chicken, beef, turkey, rabbit);
• River and sea fish (only boiled);
• Vegetables and fruits (raw and boiled);
• Cereals, cereals, cereals;
• Eggs.

It is necessary to remember about the complex of vitamins, especially in puppyhood. The Malinois needs calcium, fluoride and other useful elements, which it may not receive from the feed. Do not mix dry food and natural food in order to avoid pet upset and diarrhea.

Servings should be standardized according to the formula 20% by weight of the animal. Adult shepherd dogs are fed 2 times a day, puppies – from 3 to 4 times.

Malinois dog
Malinois dog

Training and education

Education, socialization and training courses are a prerequisite for the Malinois dog. Nature endowed shepherd with intelligence and ingenuity; it is not difficult to train them, if you know all the nuances. The most important thing is to establish contact with your pet and provide him with daily mental and physical stress.

A little Malinois puppy must learn the rules of behavior in the house and in public places. Socialization is carried out as early as possible, but only after the first vaccination. Malinois immediately accustomed to a leash and a muzzle. Such ammunition is required for such a serious dog.

In the process of training, the owner should be patient and strict. But at the same time, you can not punish the pet physically. For Malinois, the strict silence of the master is worse than his cry.

After completing the basic training course, do not leave the Malinois without work. With such a pet, it is recommended to do flyball, agility or frisbee. This will help keep the dog fit and keep her bored.

Malinois dog

Lack of training will lead to a change in the docile nature of the Malinois : he will become independent and uncontrollable.


Mating Malinois dogs is no different from other breeds.

Males become fully mature by 1.5-2 years of age, females by 18 months. Mating should occur between 15 and 20 days of estrus.

Before mating, you need to remember a few points:

  • It is necessary to walk the dogs together in a free area, if the act happens during a walk, the dogs should not be disturbed;
  • After that, the female is taken to the dog so that he can feel comfortable;
  • During the process itself, the pets need to be helped (hold, put on, put pillows).

Before mating, it is imperative to make sure that both dogs are healthy, vaccinated and meet the standards.

Malinois Fun Facts

  • Representatives of the Malinois breed are often called the “Malinois Sheepdog”.
  • Among all four types of Belgian Shepherd Dog, Malinois is considered the most working dog.
  • Malinois has an exceptional scent. Even in a calm state, the nose of the shepherd is constantly in motion.
  • Malinois are similar to German shepherds, especially if we consider old-format photographs of these breeds.
Malinois dog
Malinois puppy

Malinois Dog Breed Highlights

Malinois is a serious breed that requires control by the owner. Such a dog is not recommended for inexperienced people who lead a sedentary lifestyle and are not able to devote a lot of time to their pet. So, if you liked the Belgian Shepherd, think carefully about whether you can provide her with decent content. To make the right decision, check out the main pros and cons of the Malinois breed.


  • Exceptional intelligence, intelligence and smartness.
  • Devotion.
  • High performance, endurance.
  • Good health.
  • Security, watchdog qualities.
  • No desire for dominance, adequacy.
  • Well amenable to training.


  • Requires daily walks with high physical and mental stress.
  • Strongly sheds.
  • Does not tolerate loneliness.
  • Often injured due to irrepressible energy and activity.

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