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The Maltipoo, also called the Maltese poodle, is a hybrid breed. It is one of the most popular crossbreed dogs due to its great intelligence and its fur.

We are more than used to certain breeds of dogs like German Shepherds, Dalmatians, Poodles, etc. However, cross dogs and hybrid breeds are becoming more and more popular, that is to say dogs from certain crosses between breeds.

One of these crossbreed varieties is the one we show in this ‘ Pets Feed ‘ breed sheet, the adorable Maltipoo! This dog is the result of crossing the toy poodle and the Maltese bichon. Combining the virtues of the two breeds, this is a dog that deserves to be discovered.


Maltipoo photos

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Physical characteristics

Maltipoo is a small dog or (toy dog), since many specimens do not exceed 2-3 kilograms. However, it is possible to find larger specimens that reach 7 kilograms. Their weight and size are largely dependent on the size of their parents and the predominant genetics of the pup.


Each individual is special. The dimensions of an adult maltipoo dog are compact. There are dogs with a height of 12 to 35 cm.


Teacup Maltipoo: 1-2, 5 kilograms.
Maltipoo mini toy: 2.5 – 4 kilograms.
Toy Maltipoo: 4 – 7 kilos.

Distinctive features

  • Head: Small, elongated. The color of the nose is different, black or pink.
  • Jaws: Small, sharp teeth.
  • Ears: Long, drooping, set low, covered with thick hair.
  • Eyes: Round, protruding, like two ripe cherries. The iris is very dark, the pupil is not visible.
  • Body: Stocky, very harmonious construction. Fluffy long tail.
  • Legs: Small short legs.
  • Coat: The structure of hair in different individuals varies greatly. Color options: white, blue, silver, black, brown, cream, peach, plain and mixed, plus an unexpected combination of colors. When petted, it looks like a teddy bear.

Colors of maltipoo

The hairs of a maltipoo are considered hypoallergenic, in general they are smooth and dense, of a length similar to that of a Maltese bichon. The colors accepted are the same as in the case of poodles, although the most common are light colors, such as white or cream. In addition, there can be many colors such as blue, gray in various varieties, brown or black, among others. Thus, it is possible to find a black, white, brown maltipoo …

Maltipoo puppy

When the maltipoo is born, it is an adorable little ball of fur which, growing up, shows its great passion for the game and the company. It is a very dependent puppy that requires attention and affection almost all the time. Normally, he calms down as he grows, although he continues to be an active and playful dog.

Character and behavior

Maltipoo is a very curious and good-natured breed. It gets along well with children, will be an excellent companion for an elderly person, has a positive attitude towards any pets, from small rodents to cats.

The miniature dog is very active, it always plays with pleasure and fulfills the owner’s commands, not leaving him alone for a minute.

Maltipoo character is imbued with loyalty, friendliness, affability and true enjoyment of an active life

Obviously, this little dog will never become a good watchdog, because of his good-natured character, he trusts absolutely everyone, including strangers, with whom he very quickly finds a common language. On the one hand, this is a good quality, but on the other hand, maltipoo can suffer because of her kindness, since he absolutely cannot defend herself.

One of the main character traits of the Maltipoo is curiosity. Therefore, you need to strictly monitor the order in the house where there is a Maltipoo puppy, for example, a dog can swallow any small part or toy lying on the floor.

With the children

The Maltipoo is an excellent companion for school-aged children. Provided that children know how to behave with a small dog.

With other animals

Sweet and faithful companion dog loves all members of the family. The Maltipoo is a non-confrontational dog, he feels good with other animals, even with small rodents. She has absolutely no sense of jealousy.


Although it is a fairly healthy hybrid dog, maltipoo can inherit a series of congenital pathologies from Maltese poodles and bichons. One of these conditions is progressive retinal atrophy, which is very typical in Maltese dogs and poodles, and which must be diagnosed early, as advanced cases usually lead to permanent blindness.

Poodles inherit the tendency to develop hip dysplasia, for which certain exercises and treatments such as chondroprotectors are recommended. Poodles can also inherit the propensity to suffer from abdominal distension or eye problems. In contrast, the Bichon Maltese tends to suffer from diseases of the respiratory system, as well as oral disorders, such as deformities or infections of the teeth and mouth.

In order to keep our maltipoo in the best possible condition, it is essential to make regular visits to the veterinarian, to carry out the appropriate tests and controls, as well as to put in the vaccines and to apply the appropriate deworming products for deworming. external and internal.

Life expectancy

Because it is a very new breed, its life expectancy is unknown, however, it is estimated at 12-14 years.


Representatives of the Maltipoo breed are suitable for living, both in a country house and in a small apartment.

To keep your pet always fun and healthy, you need to provide it with proper care. This includes procedures such as bathing, cutting, cleaning eyes and ears, and brushing teeth:

  • The thick coat of the adult maltipoo requires special attention. Regular combing of smooth hair with a metal comb is recommended. Curly hair should be combed out with a natural bristle brush every other day. Hard wool requires regular trimming, and only a specialist should do this.
  • You can bathe the Maltipoo once a month, clean the hairs thoroughly and dry them with a hair dryer so that they do not form lumps.
  • Tooth brushing is done at least once every five to seven days.
  • The Maltipoo inherited the Maltese’s excessive tearing and sour eyes, so it is necessary to flush the dog’s eyes with a weak tea solution at least every five to six days.
  • The Maltipoo’s ears should be cleaned at least once a month.


The skin of the Maltipoo is sensitive to cold, so in winter it is recommended to lubricate the nose and pads of the feet with special products based on natural wax.

History of the breed

We are confronted with a breed of dogs of very recent origin, because it was not until 1990 that the first Maltipoo puppies appeared. This has happened in the United States, although the exact place and date of its origin is unknown. After its birth, this cross became popular at breakneck speed, spreading like wildfire across the world.

It is speculated on the intentions that had been made when crossing Maltese and poodles , because it is believed that the main goal was to obtain dogs with hypoallergenic fur, since the two original breeds are considered to be suitable for allergic people. Currently, the Maltipoo is considered to be a hybrid or mestizo, not a breed per se, so that most official cynological organizations do not have their standard collected as a recognized breed, as is the case with the Cynological Federation international (FCI).


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