A 90-year-old man no longer has the strength to take care of cats. They are looking for a family for themselves, but on one condition

man 90 years old cats looking family condition
Facebook / Purrfect Pals Cat Sanctuary and Adoption Centers

Two adorable kittens had to be taken to a shelter. The 90-year-old man who took care of them knew he was incapable of giving them a good life. Several years had passed since his wife’s death and he needed help with daily activities. It broke his heart, but he had to put his beloved kittens in good hands. The new family only had to meet one condition to be able to take them home. When it was broken, the results were disastrous.

A pregnant cat was waiting outside the couple’s door. Their lives changed when they let her in

The couple always loved cats, but their sympathy ended with feeding stray cats. So when a pregnant cat appeared on their doorstep, they took it as a sign from the forest and took her under their roof.

Three children were born, including two sisters who spent the next 13 years with them. The entire cat family lived in the couple’s garage, where they had a loft. They kept all the animals, but as fate would have it, some of them left this world earlier than they should have.

man 90 years old cats looking family condition
Facebook / Purrfect Pals Cat Sanctuary and Adoption Centers

Fluffy was the daughter of a pregnant cat who showed up at their door. She was so shy that she only spent time with her beloved human caregiver. When she heard the footsteps of the other members of the house, she immediately ran away and hid in a safe corner. The couple’s daughter said years later that she “barely saw her.” Phoebe was her most decisive sister, the real life of the party, without whom Fluffy was afraid to leave.

One day, despite his shyness, Fluffy comes out of hiding and is no longer afraid of the house. She did not hide in the corners, but lay in the middle of the room, in the bed of her beloved mistress. She was accompanied by her sister, with whom she stayed for long hours alongside the caregiver.

That day, the woman died, leaving her family to mourn and her beloved cats in the care of her husband. He took care of them for three years after her death, even though he himself needed help from others. Finally, with a heavy heart, he made a decision. Little sisters were meant to join a new loving family. However, this has not been without obstacles.

They made a huge mistake by separating the close-knit cats

The 90-year-old owner could no longer take care of Phoebe and Fluffy. So they went to the Purrfect Pals adoption center, where they were informed that the sisters were not related to each other and could go to separate homes. To streamline the adoption process, it was decided to place them with other families.

The adoption center staff did not know that they had made a serious mistake. The estranged sisters have changed beyond recognition. Phoebe, previously confident and cheerful, has become withdrawn and depressed. Fluffy, naturally shy and fearful, couldn’t find her way in the world without her sister, who calmed her and spurred her into action. She eventually stopped eating, which caught the vet’s attention. The doctor who treated them suggested that, despite statements about the kittens’ lack of bond, they be placed in one home.

Larissa and Rodrigo took on the challenge of caring for their sisters. They had to observe their behavior and tell if Phoebe and Fluffy were really so attached to each other that they couldn’t be placed in separate homes.

They received the answer to this mystery on the first day, when the behavior of the shy and frightened kittens changed dramatically. The adoption center knew they had to start looking for a shared home for the sister cats.

Shortly after the reunion, the kittens ate dinner together, then Fluffy cleaned Phoebe while purring nonstop, describes Purrfect Pals Cat Sanctuary and Adoption Centers.

They made their new family fall in love with them. The previous owner also had an opinion on adoption

Finding a home for not one, but two elderly cats was quite a challenge. Fortunately, the process did not take as long as the center expected.

The adoption went quickly and smoothly, and the new family quickly fell in love with the cat sisters. The elderly not only had new housing, but also… new names. The family immediately bonded and decided it would be a good idea to rename the girls Blanche (Fluffy) and Sophia (Phoebe). It was supposed to be an homage to Golden Girls, an American sit-com from the 1980s whose main characters were mature women.

Both cats are very adorable and doing very well. I would even say that they are too pampered – writes the new owner.

man 90 years old cats looking family condition
Facebook / Purrfect Pals Cat Sanctuary and Adoption Centers

Internet users wondered if the 90-year-old knew about the fate of his beloved cats. It turns out that even though he wasn’t informed of the adoption, through the power of the internet he was able to see how the girls were doing in their new home.

I just showed him the Facebook post on my phone since I no longer have a computer. He was delighted to hear that they were okay. Giving them away was a very difficult decision for him, he is happy that they are loved now. Thank you very much for giving them a second family, writes the couple’s daughter.

man 90 years old cats looking family condition
Facebook / Purrfect Pals Cat Sanctuary and Adoption Centers

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