A Man Adopts A Sick Fox And They Form A Lasting Friendship

man adopts sick fox form lasting friendship

It was a charity that found Cropper wandering down a street in England. The organization is called “The Fox Project” and is dedicated specifically to the rescue of foxes. When they examined the animal, they found out that it had toxoplasmosis. That’s why they came to the conclusion that the animal was going to have to be sacrificed, or abandoned for adoption. Fortunately, they managed to get him adopted and he was taken in by a very kind man.

Foxes look a lot like dogs and they purr like cats, but they’re not really pets. These wild animals are not easy to tame.

man adopts sick fox form lasting friendship

Since Mike was used to taking care of injured foxes and making friends with them, he had no problem letting Cropper live with him. The fox felt comfortable in his new home, and Mike helped him get healthy. He liked to get a belly massage and cuddle up to the domestic cats.

Unfortunately, Cropper died six years later. But he had a great life when he was with Mike, and we took good care of him. This fox and his owner had a wonderful relationship, and Mike meant as much to Cropper as Cropper meant to Mike.

man adopts sick fox form lasting friendship

Mike then took care of baby foxes who needed attention before being released to live on their own. He also brought an adult fox to his house and adopted it. He named this adult fox Jack.

man adopts sick fox form lasting friendship

Although Jack is a wild animal, he does not act as such. He spends his time playing ball with Mike and also watches TV. When he is tired, he falls asleep in the arms of his owner.

Mike has to bathe Jack frequently, so the house can’t, because the foxes give off a rather strong smell. Although foxes are not the ideal pets, Jack seems to be the exception to this rule.

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