Services Arrested The Drunk Driver And The Roles Were Reversed In No Time. The Man Bit The Police Dog

man bites a police dog escapes arrest

Dogs working in uniformed services are exposed to various risky situations. Trained quadrupeds learn to behave in times of stress, since the actions in which they participate can be very dangerous. However, it turns out that it is impossible to foresee all scenarios. One of the dogs accompanying the police was bitten by… a human! The story happened near one of the highways in North Carolina.

It was supposed to be a simple speed control. The drunk driver resisted

Service for the day was pretty normal. Two police officers and a dog were tasked with keeping people safe on the freeway near Wilmington.

One of the drivers has greatly exceeded the speed limit. He was therefore arrested by a police patrol. The vehicles were parked in one of the parking lots located directly off the highway.

It turned out that the man driving the vehicle was intoxicated. He got out of the car without the consent of law enforcement and did not want to go back. The police, accompanied by a dog, carried out routine actions in such a situation: they intended to stop the driver.

A police dog was bitten while on duty

Jamal Wing, because that is the name of the author of all this fuss, tried at all costs to avoid the consequences of his decisions. The police, wanting to convince the drunk driver to cooperate, threw him at their four-legged companion named Mako.

The man decided that the best solution would be to attack the police dog. Jamal lunged at the animal with his teeth. It wasn’t just one attack; the drunk driver was trying to get stung as much as possible! Later, he also attacked one of the policemen. The story seems absurd, and it happened only a few days ago!

The attacker has been arrested. The dog can count on justice

Eventually, the police team managed to subdue the man. Jamal was initially hospitalized as he was also injured in the fight. He was then transferred to a remand center. The consequences of his behavior can be serious. He was charged with multiple counts, including assaulting police officers and a police dog, drunk driving and resisting arrest.

After an unlucky service, Mako ended up in a veterinary clinic. There he received first aid. The dog is injured but its life is not in danger.

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