A man bought a poodle at a bargain price at the market. The vet patted his forehead as he entered the office

man bought poodle bargain price market
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Many people dream of having purebred pets. Unfortunately, this is an area where scammers abound. There are cases when dogs, which were supposed to be a representative of a small breed, turned into real giants. Others who think they are buying purebred dogs are actually paying for mixed breeds. A man who had long thought of a poodle was also deceived. When he finally achieved his dream, it turned out that he had been deceived. He welcomed a completely different animal than he thought.

The man had long dreamed of a poodle, he decided to take advantage of it

Poodles are exceptionally friendly dogs. In addition, their appearance impresses many people. Miniature specimens that look a bit like stuffed toys are especially popular.

A man had long dreamed of such a dog. One day he went to the market, where he stumbled across an animal dealer. He offered tiny white creatures. When a litter of cute puppies appeared before his eyes, he couldn’t help himself. The man fell in love with it at first sight. The dealer said they were purebred Miniature Poodles. Everything pointed to a great opportunity.

man bought poodle bargain price market
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He was sure he had bought a miniature poodle. It wasn’t until the vet cleared it up

The animals were available for purchase at the famous “La Salada” market in Buenos Aires. In addition, the dealer offered a very favorable price. He expected only a few hundred zlotys, while many poodle breeders even expect several thousand zlotys for a puppy.

The man chose the white baby. He paid and then went home with his dream pet. However, his joy did not last long.

The new owner of a dog, a few days after buying his pet, accompanied him to the vet. He wanted to make sure his poodle was okay and planned to have him vaccinated. The visit did not go as planned.

It turned out that the animal bought at the market was not a dog at all

man bought poodle bargain price market
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To the owner’s surprise, the specialist said the suspected poodle was not a poodle at all. Moreover, the animal the man came with was not a dog at all! Turns out he got scammed by a pet dealer. Unaware of the deception, the poodle lover bought… a white ferret!

According to the local television station, the animal most likely received growth-promoting preparations from birth. She has also been specially groomed to make her fur fluffier and look like a miniature poodle.

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