Man spends a year building two custom towers for his cats

Man building custom towers for cats

A Connecticut resident man decides to build two custom towers for his cats to have comfort and entertainment.

It is not a secret that cats like to climb. They really enjoy being in the heights, and they feel comfortable watching their surroundings from above. Rob Coutu, who lives in Connecticut, USA, decided to follow the instincts of his cats and give them a gift that would allow them to climb and have fun.

Looking at the options he had, he couldn’t find something that was close to what he wanted, so he decided to build two custom towers for his cats Zach and Tabatha, providing them with comfort and entertainment.

Rob Coutu, told The Dodo:

“I’ve had cats my whole life, so I had a lot of experience with what they like.”

Man decides to build two towers for his cats

Man building custom towers for cats

Rob wanted to build the two biggest and craziest towers ever seen, and he was sure his cats would love them. The idea came up when he saw a tree-shaped tower, but he didn’t like the design, so he created one in his mind.

Man building custom towers for cats

Rob’s design was fun, practical, and structurally sound, in the eyes of cats and humans. He had worked on similar projects, but never on the scale of the size of the towers, he was still going to give everything for Zach and Tabatha.

Man building custom towers for cats

Ever since he started working on the construction of the towers connected by a bridge, his cat Zach seemed determined to oversee the entire process.

Rob said:

“Zach helped, supervised from design to now.”

Man building custom towers for cats

In general, the project was very complex. It took Rob about a year to complete the construction, which went through several different stages.

When he finally finished, it was all worth it, as his cats were delighted and excited by the two towers made by their father.

Man building custom towers for cats

The finished towers are completely different from the others, and best of all, your cats love to use them.

Rob said:

“Both cats wanted to use it, but Zach quickly claimed both and owns them both. He uses them all day and also watches television from them.”

Man building custom towers for cats

Both towers have multiple rooms, windows and even balconies, the cats spend a lot of time in them and keep an eye on their home from above.

Rob posted his finished project on social media, and users have been impressed and even suggested that he sell his designs. Idea that he is contemplating, since there have been many people who want to have the precious towers, but he would only sell the plans.

Man building custom towers for cats

The cat lover still doesn’t know what the total cost of the project is, but thinks it’s close to $ 3,500. Not forgetting the number of hours of work that he had to invest in the project, but that in the end for him, it was all worth it.

Man building custom towers for cats

Rob told Bored Panda:

“Zach was delighted from the beginning. I have no words to describe how much he likes it and how much he uses it.”

If you want to know more about the design of the beautiful towers, you can do it through Facebook.

Photos: Facebook/ Kitty Towers by RACoutu

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