Man builds a mobile bed for his 16-year-old dog to enjoy her last vacation


This man builds a mobile bed for her older dog so that he can enjoy her last vacation by the beach

Tom Antonino lives in Georgia, United States, with his wife and his dog Cocoa, this family likes to frequent the pier in Virginia Beach; which became a tradition for years. Cocoa is a 16-year-old Chesapeake Retriever who lost the ability to move easily, so her father decided to build a mobile bed for her to enjoy her last beach vacation.

The adorable dog’s family was determined to help Cocoa live a normal life in her last days. This is how Tom came up with the brilliant idea and created a handmade mobile bed that allowed the family to transport their beloved dog to her favorite place with ease and comfort.

Man builds a mobile bed for his 16-year-old dog

man builds mobile bed dog 16 years

Tom, Cocoa’s father, told local news station WTKR:

“My wife and I, we came up with a way to take her for a ride with a mechanical vine and things like that. We had a rope and a bed, we tied everything together and thus transported it.”

man builds mobile bed dog 16 years

Once they finished building the mobile bed, Tom and his wife Lauren rushed Cocoa to the Virginia Beach boardwalk to enjoy the sunset.

man builds mobile bed dog 16 years

At that place, Carrie Copenhagen stopped the couple and took some pictures of them that she posted on her Facebook account after her.

The woman she wrote:

“A couple of weeks ago Mike and I were riding our bikes along the boardwalk and we came across this man walking with his beloved pet.”

Carrie added:

“She’s not that good with his legs, so he pulls this bed she made so she can enjoy the smells of the ocean.”

man builds mobile bed dog 16 years

Tom, who does not have social networks, was completely unaware that the photograph of him with Cocoa would end up going viral.

The man tells:

“I found out from my brother-in-law. He said, “Is it you?” And then other people also asked, “Is it you?” And I said yes, it’s Cocoa. It’s Cocoa and I taking a walk.”

man builds mobile bed dog 16 years

Sadly, Tom and his wife’s sweet gesture toward Cocoa was one of the last adventures they had together; the dog died shortly after that pleasant walk. But Tom assures that his special bond with Cocoa will live on forever.

Photos: Carrie Copenhaver – Fox 13