Man Spends A Year Building An Amazing Play Space For His Cat

man builds cat play space

Derek Roche didn’t consider himself a cat person, but that all changed when his girlfriend brought up the idea of adopting a kitten. He saw her so excited that he accepted, and soon he was completely enchanted, to the point that he spent a year building the most incredible play space for his cat, which he named Jellli. .

It didn’t take long for Derek and Jelli to bond.

The man told The Dodo:

“The first night my girlfriend asked if [Jelli] could sleep in our bed for just one night, the next day I was head over heels in love with her.”

A man built the best play space for his cat

man builds cat play space

Jelli really enjoyed spending time outside in the yard, she is a very confident and outgoing kitten, so considering how happy she was to play outside; Derek considered the idea of building him a complete outdoor play space.

After a while, Jellli developed health issues, at which point Derek thought the idea of the play space might help him in his recovery.

man builds cat play space

Derek and his girlfriend then adopted 2 other cats, Smudge and Penny, who also spent time in their garden. So, the man decided to start building the most amazing play space for cats.

For Derek this project was something completely new, he had never thought of building something like this before, luckily Jellli was always by his side every step of the way. The work progressed and took shape as it progressed.

man builds cat play space

Derek says:

“I had a plan in mind and I stuck to it. Jellli came to the site every day and watched her movements and reactions to how things were going, where she liked to sit, how she scaled the structure. And I used it to get a sense of the scale of walkways, doorways, etc. I tell people that in addition to being my muse, she was my site manager and co-designer.”

man builds cat play space

Derek spent some time each day before work and most of his weekends on the whole building process; little by little he gave shape to his idea. Within a year, the cat game site was ready for their cats to enjoy.

Jelli and Smudge were the first to take advantage of the space, their sister Penny took a little longer but in the end she was also fascinated.

man builds cat play space

The 3 cats love spending time in their play space and Derek couldn’t be happier with his job. The place includes litter boxes and always has fresh water. Derek plans to build some sort of walkway that will connect him to the house so his cats can come and go whenever they want.

man builds cat play space

Without a doubt, Jelli and his brothers are happy with this space for themselves. Derek always thought the outdoor play space would keep the kitten healthy and also have fun with Smudge and Penny.

man builds cat play space

Derick added:

“Jelli was there from day one when I dug the holes for the foundation, and she was quite enthralled with each new step, she really knows I built it for her.”

Images: Derek Roche

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