Man Buys A Cabin In The Woods As A Retirement Home For His Dog

man buys cabin forest house retirement dog

Thirteen years ago, Lorenzo Buffa met his dog Myles almost by accident, but since he saw him he knew they were destined to be together. A local shelter usually brought all of his dogs to the park on Fridays, and Lorenzo would always stare at the moving scene from afar.

The man always ended up heartbroken just knowing that none of these dogs had a loving home to enjoy his life. But one afternoon, Lorenzo looked into the eyes of a puppy and immediately knew that he had to adopt it forever.

Lorenzo told The Dodo:

“I saw him and he saw me, and his ears went up. I knew he chose me!”

Man buys a cabin in the woods for his dog

man buys cabin forest house retirement dog

Since that day, Lorenzo and Miles have become best friends and like to do everything together, from sleeping to going for a walk or playing for hours.

man buys cabin forest house retirement dog

Myles has always been very happy since he found a permanent home and has been able to enjoy his life with his father. Unfortunately, the years go by very quickly and Miles has become an older dog, so some activities are much more difficult for him to do.

man buys cabin forest house retirement dog

In addition, over the years, various diseases began to appear in Myles, such as: cataracts, arthritis, heart failure, among other health problems.

Despite all this, the friendly Myles continues to lead a happy life, albeit at a much slower pace, due to his age. Therefore, Lorenzo wanted his dog to have a more comfortable and easy life, so he decided to find the perfect home for his last days.

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Lorenzo added:

“I always told him that I would give him land and withdraw it in the forest. I always thought that in my mid-30s, he would have left town. The pandemic really showed me what I value and that both he and I should move towards a simpler life.”

After searching for several days, the man decided to buy a cabin in the woods and named it “Camp Myles” in honor of his beloved dog.

Lorenzo made several adjustments to the cabin and renovated various parts to make it the perfect home for him, Myles, and her two cats.

man buys cabin forest house retirement dog

Now the little family is fully settled, and everyone seems to be enjoying and loving their new life in the woods, especially Myles.

Lorenzo commented:

” I think [his favorite part of him is] being lazy on the deck or porch and relaxing in nature, as well as wandering around the property and going for a walk – it’s perfect for both of us! “

The best part is that since they moved into his new home, Myles is responding satisfactorily to his medications and his health problems have taken a back seat.

man buys cabin forest house retirement dog

Myles has always been by his father’s side for 13 years, and now Lorenzo will make sure to be with him to the end.

If you want to know more about Myles and his family, you can do so through Tik Tok.

Images: Lorenzo Buffa

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