A Man Camps In A Shelter To Adopt His Favorite Dog

man camps shelter adopt favorite dog

Dr. Brian Eberhart, had the opportunity to meet a little dog named Elliot, and from that day on he knew he would do anything in his power to bring him home with him. Elliot is a homeless little Border Collie who came to the Palm Springs Animal Shelter in early March to find a family.

He was very shy and afraid of people, but his sad little eyes melted the hearts of everyone who met him. Because of this, Elliot was placed in foster care to get used to being an indoor dog and change his personality.

There she met Dr. Brian Eberhart, a retired orthodontist who lived next door to her temporary residence.

A man camps in a shelter while waiting for his favorite dog

man camps shelter adopt favorite dog

Anthony Mercurio, the shelter’s communications manager, told The Dodo:

“Eberhart’s neighbor was Elliot’s adoptive guardian, so she had the opportunity to meet him and fall in love with him.”

man camps shelter adopt favorite dog

After spending time in his foster home, Elliot became available for adoption and Dr. Eberhart wanted to be first on the list.

Early that day, shelter workers were surprised to arrive to find Dr. Eberhart sitting in a chair. The man was reading a book by the front door, he seemed to be very patient and the staff didn’t understand what he was doing there.

man camps shelter adopt favorite dog

Anthony commented:

“We noticed Dr. Eberhart was camping outside the shelter…and found out he was there to adopt Elliot. Other people also came that morning, but once they found out we weren’t open until 1 p.m. that day, they gave up and left.”

Dr. Eberhart never left his seat, he was convinced that Elliot was worth the wait and just wanted to see him again. Finally, it was time to meet Elliot, and the pup couldn’t contain his excitement when he saw who was at the shelter to see him.

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When they met they greeted each other and showed that they were both very happy, it seemed like Elliot recognized him and knew why he was there.

Anthony added:

“Elliot acted like he was meeting an old friend and it was obvious to us that there was a coincidence there!”

That day, Dr. Eberhart was able to adopt Elliot, and since then his new name has been Leo, a curious acronym for “Love Each Other.”

man camps shelter adopt favorite dog

Ever since Leo found the perfect family, he always wants to be close to his loved ones, whether that’s snuggling up on the couch or munching on dad’s heels.

Anthony added:

“He’s a smart, playful, cheerful boy who should always have eyes on his humans.”

man camps shelter adopt favorite dog

There is no doubt that Dr. Brian Eberhart and Leo are going to have the most exciting and happiest life together.

If you want to help homeless puppies, you can donate to Palm Springs Animal Shelter.

Images: Tiktok / @palmspringsanimalshelter

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