VIDEO: A Man Carries His Dog In His Arms To Protect Him From The Heat And Unleashes Criticism

man carries dog arms protect from heat

An example of this is what happened in Mexico, when a dog man did not hesitate to carry his dog in his arms to prevent his paws from getting sunburned. The story was popularized on TikTok and we tell it to you here.

We will not only tell you about the situation in depth, but also show you how the users of the social network reacted. Many disagree and many agree with what the owner did.

It was a very hot day

Thanks to a popular video on TikTok that has racked up nearly half a million likes, it’s possible to see how a man carries his dog in his arms as if it were a little baby. The event occurred in the city of Irapuato, Mexico, on a day when temperatures were quite high.

In the video, we can see that the intention of the dog dad is clear: to protect his dog’s paws from the hot sidewalk. Although this aroused the admiration of hundreds of users of the social network, who congratulated the action, it also aroused the annoyance of many others.

It is that, in the video, you can see that the man and the dog do not go alone, but they are also accompanied by a child of about 4 years old. The latter walks around holding the gentleman’s hand.

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Here’s how TikTok users reacted when they saw the man carrying his dog in his arms

“When your priority is your dog and not the child” is the title given to the aforementioned TikTok video posted by profile @lega819. users of the social network were not long in coming.

While many people applaud the fact that the citizen showed empathy and love for his pet by wearing it, many others consider that he did a bad deed. This is because he also carries a minor by the hand, which, if he walks, some insinuate he is a bad father.

In this regard, it is possible to read negative comments such as:

“That’s all for now, come more for the dogs than for the children”

On the other hand, a large number of users have come to the defense of the owner by leaving positive comments such as:

“This gentleman has not neglected anyone, he carries the child by the hand, he does not let go, maybe he did not want to get in the stroller”

“The child has his little feet protected, but the puppy has his paws uncovered.”

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