A Man Is Filmed Feeding His Paralyzed Dog In A Shopping Mall And Affectionate Scene Has Netizens Excited

man filmed feeding paralyzed dog shopping mall

Everything indicates that the animal has mobility problems, but this does not prevent the man from having a good time with his dog. Because he put him in a dog cart and took him for a walk in a pet-friendly establishment.

I believe that after walking around the mall for a long time, the duo decided to take a break at the food court and that’s where Nicole took the beautiful picture. Not wanting to keep this image to herself, she shared it on her TikTok profile last Sunday, the 5th.

man filmed feeding paralyzed dog shopping mall

In the video, the man appears cutting small pieces of meat and feeding them to the dog in the mouth, which is housed in the cart. A few minutes later, unhappy to see him stuck in the vehicle, he takes him out and lays him on the ground, so that the furry one can see his surroundings and eat his food on his own.

The scene shows us the importance of loving animals (and people) unconditionally. For the one who has always been by our side, one day he will need us and abandoning him is not an option!

man filmed feeding paralyzed dog shopping mall

The video was shared with a message saying, “I’m sorry I recorded sir, this is the best,” and the post reached over 653,000 views, 35,000 reactions, and thousands of like-minded comments. affection.

“God take care of this sir, so that he continues to protect the puppy, you are an example sir,” one wished.

“It’s just that at this age you understand that the most faithful being in life is the dog, loyal and unconditional,” wrote another.

“I love people like that! Thanks for making it viral, he deserves heaven with his beautiful dog,” a third commented.

Here is the video:

Life is too short not to have a good time with those you love. Don’t let difficulties stop your happiness. Be happy with those you love, animals and/or people!

Images: TikTok / mgnico94

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