Man Finds Friendly Kitten In His Garage While Fixing His Car

man finds cat garage repairing car

A man surprisingly finds adorable friendly kitten in his garage while checking and repairing his Jeep

While photographer Steve Hamel was in his garage fixing his jeep at the end of December last year, he never imagined it would be the start of a fun adventure. Steve ran into an adorable friendly kitten in his garage, and of course he didn’t have any cats, so he assumed she was lost and sought shelter.

While checking the car, Steve noticed that the red-haired kitten had joined him in the garage. The feline calmly climbed into the jeep as if she knew exactly what she was doing, and apparently, she wanted to give her all of her cat experience.

Steve told Love Meow:

I’m just trying to fix my jeep. I don’t even have a cat.

Man finds friendly kitten in his garage

Orange kitten

Although he had no idea where the orange kitten was coming from, Steve immediately fell in love, and of course the cunning kitten made sure to get his attention and crawled onto his shoulders to snuggle up gently. He stood there on his shoulders to take a tour and see the place as if Steve were his royal carriage.


After his inspection of the site, he hopped on a tow truck and carefully inspected the Jeep. After making sure everything was in order, stopping at a toolbox and claiming it as his new bed, it all took Steve by surprise.

Friendly kitten found

They searched the kitten, but could not find a collar or microchip to locate her family, and they also came to ask their neighbors if anyone knew her.


Steve said:

If we are not successful, we will keep the cat. It is a great love.

The man’s little girl decided to name the cat Sally, and the whole family fell in love with the sweet girl. They rushed to buy supplies and a small nameplate.

cat and dog

Steve enthusiastically added:

Sally loves hanging around my shoulders and although she has a full set of claws that make it painful around the house, my work jacket makes her very comfortable.


Steve posted the story on Facebook, and within days of crossing paths with the kitten, they received a call from a family who recognized him as their missing pet.

Stray cat

A little sad Steve says:

We found the owners. These lovely people have met their beloved cat. They lived around the corner and had many poignant photos of the cat playing with their daughter. It felt good to bring them together even though it was heartbreaking at the same time. Although my heart is heavy, I know we did the right thing.

Family and cat

Meeting and spending time with the kitten touched the hearts of this family and left a void in their home, so Steve considered adding a new feline member to his family.

Steve added:

Since we had a cat-shaped hole in our heart, we decided to adopt.


They finally found the perfect fit and everyone was very excited. Steeve says:

We wanted a tabby cat, but it stole our hearts. It’s super sweet, and black cats are less likely to be adopted than other cats. We had already made a Sally label, so it’s Sally 2.0.


The unexpected visit of the friendly kitten left a big mark on Steve, showing him that he was still missing a member of his household to be complete and that they had never imagined finding. Decidedly this feline in his garage has left traces in his heart that will not be erased.

Images : Facebook / Steve Hamel

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