Man Gives Kitten A Home And Now Wakes Up To Cuddles Every Day

man gives home kitten wakes up hugs

This man gives a kitten a home and now he usually wakes up every morning to sweet, warm hugs from his beloved pet.

After going a long time without a cat in his life, Keith Reszoly was apparently ready to open his heart and welcome a new feline member into his family. His life changed completely from the moment he met his new furry friend.

One day, while Keith’s mother was at the vet, she heard of a litter of rescue kittens urgently looking for a forever home; The woman thought of her son, so she told him immediately.

The family was captivated by the cuteness of a kitten named Gladys and they brought her home to make her part of their family.

Keith told Love Meow:

The first day I saw her, she was extremely friendly and approached everyone, climbed on their legs, sniffed them and wanted to be hugged.

Man gives home kitten and now she wakes up with his cuddles

Man gives kitten a home

The adorable fluffy ball quickly settled into his new life and started following his new dad around the house. The feline now named Gracie curled up in Keith’s arms that night and fell into a deep sleep.

Keith says:

She loved being held like a baby in my arms. The first few nights, she only slept on her back between my arm and my chest. It’s never stopped since the day Gracie arrived.

kitten sleeping

Beautiful Gracie insists on snuggling up to her loving adoptive father, and as soon as Keith wakes up, she rushes into his arms. Over time, she learned that she gets up with the sound of her alarm clock and that became her cue to jump on the bed and give her lots of hugs.

Gracie’s father adds:

She jumps up when she hears my alarm (or I move a lot) and lays on my chest. She usually sleeps there for an hour or two if I don’t move.

beautiful fluffy cat

The feline’s loving dad is happy whenever Gracie asks for cuddles. So to make sure she had enough time for her best friend and her cuddles every morning, she decided to rearrange her schedule to make her happy.

Keith assures:

I set my alarm clock 30 minutes earlier each day to give her more happy time.

lazy kitty

Staying in bed has become Gracie’s favorite pastime. The kitten loves to get close to its father and snuggle up against his neck or chest. She also likes to sit on his lap whenever she sees him get in front of his computer.

The man added:

About two hours a day, when I sat at my desk, I held Gracie in my left arm while my right arm was on my mouse.

Man wakes up with hugs from his kitten every day

In addition, the feline is quite vocal and if something does not please her, she does not hesitate to let her family know.

Finally his father said:

If I meowed at her, she would meow too. Gracie always meows if I don’t show her attention when she rubs against my legs or steps on my desk.

Images: Instagram / Fat_Cat45

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