The Man Had No One To Eat With So He Took His Cat On The Best Date Ever

man had no one eat with took cat best date ever

There are people who really enjoy their cat’s company, no matter where or the occasion, they know very well who they are having the best time with. Therefore, today’s story fits very well with what we mentioned earlier, as we will see a man and his cat enjoying a very convivial dinner.

The meeting was filmed

A video showing Justin Lange and his cat Elton has made the rounds on social media after seeing how the feline and the man very calmly enjoy their company in a restaurant somewhere in South America.

Justin, who is a medical technologist, was caught with his cat, who is deaf, while having dinner in a somewhat scandalous place, so his owner explained that his cat was deaf and therefore his behavior in the place was very calm.

man had no one eat with took cat best date ever

How was the cat adopted?

The professional explained that one night he found the feline forgotten in the middle of the street, but when he approached it he was surprised that the cat hadn’t seen it coming, so when he brought it back at home he realized that the feline was deaf. Luckily for the cat, Justin works with deaf people in his profession, so this was going to be a big help in his life.

Justin told The Clinic:

He interacts very well and when he goes out for a walk, he is not afraid like other cats, who bond more to the environment thanks to their hearing (…) Sometimes we drink coffee, but if I notice restless, I ask for everything to go, because he’s the boss.

man had no one eat with took cat best date ever

The video, as expected, would reach thousands of views within seconds due to their cute looks enjoying a nice dinner. We share it below:

No doubt this couple of friends will continue to enjoy their time and discover new restaurants that accept a Michi. We send you a cat hug!

Images: Instagram / eltongato


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