A Man Hears The Saddest Cry In The Forest And Finds An Abandoned Puppy

man hears crying forest finds puppy

While riding his scooter through the countryside, Niall Harbison, a local dog rescuer in Thailand, immediately stopped when he heard a strange noise rumbling through the forest.

Driving to get a better look, Niall spotted a little bear cub waddling in the grass. And when the man slipped away, the nervous little fellow tried to get away, dodging him. She was crying in fear, she surely believed that they would hurt her.

Niall wrote in an Instagram post:

“By sheer chance, I rounded the corner on my usual route and heard a deafening scream.”

A man discovers an abandoned puppy in the forest

man hears crying forest finds puppy

Luckily Niall was in the right place that day, because not only would this pup need him. He would soon realize that he was going to save more than one life.

The man told The Dodo:

“I could feel her shaking and her little heart was beating a million beats per second.”

As soon as the little one realized that they were trying to help her, she began to relax in the hands of her rescuer.

man hears crying forest finds puppy

Niall was thinking about what to do next, then he noticed small movements in the grass around him and found the little one’s two sisters. It turns out that the whole family had been abandoned there.

Although there were now more puppies that needed his help, Niall was glad he found them, and more so because he now knew they had taken care of each other.

Niall carefully loaded the three cubs onto his scooter and transported them to safety.

man hears crying forest finds puppy

Now that the little sisters were safe in Niall’s shelter, they started to relax, and after a few hours they started to regain their energy and trust people.

Niel added:

“They were shivering from the cold and still very nervous for a few hours. Then they turned back into puppies and were causing chaos playing with each other, eating, drinking and sleeping, and generally being so cute!”

man hears crying forest finds puppy

The dogs have been named: Kim, Khloe and Kourtney, and they will live a little longer at the shelter until they fully recover and are old enough to start looking for their forever home.

man hears crying forest finds puppy

The most important thing is that the three sisters will no longer be alone.

Images: Instagram / niall.harbison

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