Man Hears Noises On The Roof Of His House And Gets An Adorable Scare When He Opens A Hole

man hears house roof noises open a hole

The shocking video in which a man opens a hole in the roof of his house to save trapped kittens.

A man drilled a hole in the roof of his house to rescue trapped kittens in a stunning video that has gone viral.

The family had heard soft footsteps on the roof of their home in Chiang Rai province, Thailand, but thought they were just rats.

But when a neighbor asked if they had seen their missing kittens, the family became concerned that the creatures on their roof might be the newborn pets.

Footage recorded on May 7 shows the father using a hammer to open an opening in the structure. He made a hole big enough to fit inside and pulled out two kittens.

Daughter of the Jirarat Ontakrai family said: “My dad quickly pulled out his tools to check the kittens. Our roof didn’t have much ventilation, so the kittens could suffocate if it got too hot. »

The kittens were safe and sound. As their mother returned to the neighbor’s house, Jirarat said they adopted the two kittens.

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